Quick Guide to Murcia

Compared to other Spanish hot spots Murcia is relatively unspoilt by tourism, which means that you get a better sense of the city and the region.

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How To Get To Murcia

When looking for a flight to Murcia the best option is usually to fly into the major travel hub of Alicante which is 75 kilometres to the north. However, you can also start your Murcia holidays via the nearby airport at San Javier, which is just 45 kilometres to the south. If you are exploring the Murcia region rather than Murcia city then this is definitely a good option and the lack of regular public transport means that Murcia car hire is a must.

What To Do In Murcia

Murcia is home to one of Spain's most memorable monuments, the Cathedral de Santa Maria. It is over 500 years old and delivers an imposing baroque impression on the cityscape. History buffs will also want to head to the city of Carthegena on Murcia holidays, where you can find an archaeological museum detailing the area's history.

Where To Stay In Murcia

If your holidays in Murcia involve sticking in the city then there are plenty of hotels and rentable apartments on offer. However, if you are looking to head to the coast and the beach is your ultimate aim then you might prefer Mar Menor and the more southern resorts. With over 200 beaches stretching over the 250 kilometre coastline you will be spoilt for choice on cheap holidays to Murcia.