Quick Guide to Palermo

Palermo is an excellent place for those who seek adventure and discovery, because it has chaotic, beautiful amalgamation of varying architectural styles, its bubbly population and bustling lifestyle.

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How To Get To Palermo

To make cheap holidays to Palermo possible you might consider taking a flight into the Falcone-Borsellino Airport which is 31 kilometres away from the city itself. To follow up on cheap flights to Palermo you will probably want to take advantage of Palermo car hire options, although it is worth noting that the rules of the road and driver behaviour are very different here than in the UK. Alternatively you can get a ferry from mainland Italy or take a train to the Italian capital.

What To Do In Palermo

The stamp of great historical events is visible throughout this city, with ongoing restoration work having rectified the splendour of some areas, whilst others showcase how time and various conflicts have taken their toll. There are markets and shops galore and the cuisine and nightlife is enough to keep you sated throughout your stay. The influence of Middle Eastern conquerors from many centuries in the past is visible in some of the architecture and culture and it is a real melting pot that wants to make you a part of it all during Palermo holidays.

Where To Stay In Palermo

Palermo holidays give you plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation, with high class hotels situated in the renovated modern heart of the city, whilst smaller bed and breakfast arrangements or rentable apartments can help diversify your options during holidays in Palermo.