Quick Guide to Paxos

Paxos is a small Greek island close to Corfu, offering gorgeous beaches, a stunning landscape and above all - an escape! A holiday in Paxos is a great tonic to your busy life, and as it's a little harder to get to than many of the more popular Greek islands it's relatively crowd-free even in the peak summer months. Look out for last-minute holidays in Paxos to get the most out of your holiday budget.

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Beach holidays, Getting away from it all, Winter sun


Corfu and Athens International Airport

Did you know?

According to legend, Paxos was created by Poseidon who struck Corfu with his trident to create a secret island paradise to share with his wife Amphitrite.

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Top 5 Beaches to Visit


Escape the crowds and spend your holidays in Paxos lounging on impossibly beautiful beaches. The only issue you'll face is choosing which one to visit.

At the southern tip of Paxos lies Mongonissi beach. With a taverna and shaded garden, you could spend hours in this idyllic spot. Rent a pedalo for a fun little outing onto the clear waters.
On the islet of Antipaxos, Vrika beach has often been voted one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Its silky white sands are more inviting than your hotel bed and its crystalline waters make for great snorkelling.
Seven kilometres from north from Gaios, Levrechio beach is nearby the picturesque Loggos village. Have a wander before hitting the beach, which has everything you could want from Greece - white sands, clear waters and leafy olive groves.
Head to Lakka beaches on the north-east coast, hidden within a horseshoe-shaped harbour. Whether you want to swim, partake in some watersports or just lounge around in some of the stunning tavernas, you're sorted.
Paxos West Coast Cliffs
While not a beach, a trip to the spectacular Paxos west coast cliffs is a must. Take a boat to see the incredible Blue Caves and jump into the small coves in the area. Leave the sea behind and walk along the footpaths atop the rugged cliffs - you'll see the fantastic Paxos coastline in a whole new light.

How To Get To Paxos

There are no flights to Paxos so holidays will start with a ferry ride from Corfu. Thanks to the popularity of this island it's easy to find cheap flights to Corfu from late spring to Autumn, although it's harder to find cheap holidays to Paxos in the winter. You should keep in mind that during November and April it's necessary to fly to Athens and then onto Corfu and the amount of ferries running can be reduced. Check before you book your holiday to Paxos!

Once you get to Paxos it's normally best to hop in a taxi, which are easy to come by at the ferry terminal. You can also hire a car to get you to your hotel and around the island, which is a great choice if you really want to explore this unspoilt island.

What To Do In Paxos

Because of its relatively isolated position, Paxos is not as crowded as some of the other Greek islands in this chain, but this makes holidays in Paxos far more authentic and personal. There are local tavernas and restaurants to enjoy, boat trips around the bays and even water sports for more active Paxos holidays. There are not really any big-name attractions so you can be happy to slowly explore, or just hit the beach and not move a muscle once you plonk yourself down in Paxos on your holiday.

We think Paxos has a lot to offer and it's why it is one of our top Greek Islands.

Where To Stay In Paxos

The capital of Paxos is Gaios and it's home to the majority of the island's population as well as a good range of cheap hotels. The main alternatives are Lakka and Loggos which are the other two settlements on the island. If you want to get away from urban life and escape to the beach or the countryside then your best bet is to look for private villas and self-catering apartments to rent for your Paxos holiday.