Quick Guide to Poland

One of Europe's largest countries, Poland is a diverse mix of lush green countryside, fascinating historical sites and museums and modern culture. Most UK holidaymakers visit the country for a city break - either to well known cities such as Warsaw or Karakow; or to newer destinations made accessible through better connections to the UK from low cost flight providers.

Other Destinations in Poland

Our Tips for Poland Holidays

If you want to save money on your hotels in Poland, and are staying in one of the major cities, like Warsaw and Krakow, then there are comfortable hostels around the city centres offering both shared and private rooms. While if you are staying in rural Poland, around the Pomeranian coastline for example, then there are also plenty of well-equipped and cheap campsites which will give you a real connection with your surroundings at very reasonable prices. If you are travelling around the country and want to visit as much as possible, then investing in a Polish Pass means you can save on things like hotel and attractions.

If you take a holiday in Warsaw, the capital, be sure to visit the Old Town, with its beautiful architecture and traditional Polish restaurants and bars, while culture vultures will love the Centre for Modern Art and the Museum of Warsaw. The countryside around Poznan is a birdwatcher's dream, with inland dunes and a stunning array of indigenous wildlife. Gdansk (formerly Danzig) on the banks of the Baltic Sea is a must-visit for seafarers. History buffs should also take a guided tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp, a sobering site that chronicles the region's history.