Quick Guide to Santorini

A beautiful island off the southeast coast of Greece, Santorini is a vibrant holiday destination, with red sandy beaches contrasting with whitewashed houses. Visit colourful cliffs concealing pretty villages and enjoy the stunning sunsets. It's hard not to be moved by this island's incredible scenery. Whether you are seeking a beach retreat, a cultural trip or a combination of the two, this volcanic island offers up holiday experiences aplenty. If you're lucky, you could also visit on a cruise with some of the smaller ships calling here.

Fab holidays for:

Volcanic beaches, Vineyards, Island hopping


Athens and Santorini Airport

Did you know?

Due to its volcanic past, Santorini has white, black, and red beaches.

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Top 5 of Santorini's Most Unusual Beaches


While Santorini has plenty of stunning shores, its other unusual beaches attract all the attention.

Kamari Beach
Kamari has the largest stretch of black powdery sands in Santorini. Lounge on the unusually coloured sand but be warned - it soaks up the heat easily so bring a towel and some flip flops.
Amoudi Bay
For stunning views of the volcano's caldera, climb down the 300 steps from the northern city of Oia to the tiny port of Amoudi Bay.Despite the rocky beach, swimming at the foot of the caldera is incredible and worth the effort. And an added benefit? People rave about the sunsets here.
Red Beach
You've guessed it - Red Beach boasts red sands and it's just as cool as it sounds. At the tail end of of the road to Ancient Akrotiri, it's more remote than Kamari Beach which means you avoid the crowds. Plus, the contrast of the vibrant blue waters against the red sand is spectacular.
White Beach
White Beach is only reachable by a boat from Akrotiri or swimming from Red Beach, which is right next to it. Its black pebble shore sits in stark contrast to the striking white cliffs.
Vlyhada Beach
With grey volcanic sand, Vlyhada Beach is surrounded by white cliffs that have been sculpted into weird and wonderful formations by the wind and sea. The sight is so strange that visitors liken it to being on the moon.

How to get to Santorini

Many travellers come into Santorini via stopovers in Athens (about a 45-minute flight to the island), however there are also package holidays to Santorini that include direct cheap flights with charter airlines from the UK. The airport is eight kilometres from Fira, the capital of Santorini, and a good starting point for Santorini holidays. Santorini car hire is readily available and may prove to be useful depending on how much you plan to move around the island.

What to do in Santorini

The best thing to do is to hop along the many different beaches around Santorini to see the varying landscapes and colourful sand. Small, whitewashed villages dot the island, with great taverns to sample the local dishes. The village of Oia is said to have the best sunset views in the Aegean.

When to go

The high season in Santorini is in July and August, meaning that if you are looking for a cheap holiday then it is probably best to avoid these months. Spring and Autumn are the best time for bargains, with pleasant weather and fewer crowds. In May and October the average temperature is a warm 20C which reaches heights of 25C in the height of summer.

Where to stay in Santorini

Holidays in Santorini are almost invariably beach based and therefore your hotel will be the place you sleep in and will be used for relatively little else.

If you are looking for comfort and cleanliness, check out the range of budget accommodation, some of which is based in Fira in the form of compact holiday apartments. A number of highly recommended budget hotels can be found at Perissa Beach, one of the many so-called black beaches, named after the black pebbles that line the shore. There are a few hotels offering all inclusive holidays but this type of holiday is not as prevalent as other Greek Islands. Alternatively check our unique hotel blog which features a very special hotel on one of Santorini's cliffs.