Quick Guide to Thassos

The Thassos way of life is perfect if you want a break from the rat race, because it is all about relaxation and enjoyment of the little things and this is certainly something which holidaymakers seek.

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How To Get To Thassos

Since Thassos does not have an international airport a good way in is to get a cheap flight to Thessaloniki and continue by boat. Ferries from the nearby Kavala and Thessaloniki operate regularly when the holiday season gets into full swing. Once on the island you will be able to get around by car as there are roads covering most of its expanse, but to fit in with the chilled-out local lifestyle on Thassos holidays you might want to stick to strolling.

What To Do In Thassos

The beaches are a big draw and the island benefits from what is frequently described as a tropical climate. Traditional Greek cuisine is on the menu at many of the restaurants and because Thassos is not on any of the major tourist routes the nightlife is much more subdued than some of the other Greek islands nearby, which means holidays in Thassos are well balanced.

Where To Stay In Thassos

The beach resort of Potos, which is located on the southern shore of Thassos, is a good place to look for Thassos hotel. Hotels and spas are spaced regularly across the island and families regularly choose Golden Beach during holidays to Thassos because of its focus on activities for people of all ages and its stunning location. Of course cheap holidays in Thassos can be found if you seek out smaller family-run places and self-catering accommodation in the many villages.