Quick Guide to Tulum

If you’re after a bit of history during your holiday in Mexico, head to Tulum. Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, it boasts some of the country's most famous Mayan structures, including El Castillo, the ornate Temple of the Frescoes and the wonderfully named Temple of the Descending God. Tulum is also part of the Riviera Maya, and as the name implies you'll have no shortage of fine white sandy beaches and sparkling waters to enjoy after you do your historical sightseeing. The freshwater lake of Casa Cenote is also worth a dip.

It may be a far-flung location, but there's a plethora of direct flights to Mexico available from across the UK. TUI, Thomas Cook charter and Virgin Atlantic are among the airlines offering direct routes from departure points such as London Gatwick, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow International and East Midlands. You'll land at Cancun International Airport, which is about two hours away by road from Tulum. It's important to check if your hotel offers transfers – if not, you can hop on one of the regular buses, or arrange your own comfortable, air-conditioned transfer before flying out.

When it comes to getting around during your holiday in Tulum, you can always make use of the local taxis, which are fairly cheap – it's important to check and agree the full fare before setting off, though. If you really do want to see as much of the Yucatan Peninsula during your time here, though, your best bet would be to hire a vehicle of your own, as that will give you total freedom to roam the dramatic and historic scenery at your own leisure.

There are many hotels in Mexico catering to the tourists who flock over every year, and during your holiday in Tulum you should look into what's available in the so-called Hotel Zone, which is a cluster of hotels located by the sea. Just bear in mind that the months between December and April are the peak times here, when the crowds will be at their densest and rates for accommodation are liable to rise.

If you want to buy some keepsakes during your holiday, look out for the markets around the archaeological sites, where you can pick up some real bargains on Mexican pottery and other local artefacts – just make sure you're not afraid to haggle, as that's the best way to get a good deal.

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