Quick Guide to Turin

Turin lies in northern Italy and it's best known for being home to the Turin Shroud, Juventus Football Club and more recently, for hosting the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. It's also a World Book Capital. It's also renowned for having one of the most beautiful settings of any of the Italian cities, which is quite a list to top! While it's not as famous as Rome, Florence or Milan, that's great news for you - cheap holiday deals to Turin are easy to come by!

Home to Italy's Royal Family, it has more of a Parisian feel than an Italian one, with a sophisticated air. One thing's for sure, on a Turin holiday you will need to take your most elegant outfits!

Fab holidays for:

Palace sightseeing, Delicious treats, Fascinating museums


Turin-Caselle Airport

Did you know?

Turin's Egyptian Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts outside of Cairo - around 30,000 pieces!

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Turin


Turin is the unsung city of Italy! There are plenty of reasons why it should be on your must-see list but here's the top five.

Turin is known for its world-class museums. From the famous Egyptian Museum to the National Cinema Museum, one of the best film museums you'll ever experience, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, a Savoy family castle that houses modern art masterpieces.
Italy has always been famous for its delicious food but Turin is in a whole other realm. For one, it's the capital of chocolate in Italy - the famous mix of hazelnut and chocolate paste originated from here! It also has the best aperitif opportunities around, makes a mean white truffle pasta and puts its own twist on fondue.
When night falls, Turn is transformed into a veritable playground with a host of cafes, restaurants, wine bars and clubs buzzing with people. Head to the Murazzi on the Po riverside for the best clubs to see, and be seen.
Known as one of the greenest cities in Europe, Turin boasts around 25 different parks! If you had to choose, the historic Parco del Valentino and the stunning Parco della Pellerina are definitely ones to visit.
This city is packed with eye-catching designs, not to mention incredible palaces. Admire the sights of countless churches, plazas, and theatres and tour the Crown of Delights, a circuit of 15 Baroque royal residences.

How To Get To Turin

Your holiday will begin with a flight to Turin International Airport, also known as Turin Caselle Airport. This is only eight miles from the centre of the city and the distance can be covered in a variety of ways. The regional buses and trains are not recommended as they take a long time and the train deposits you away from the centre. Take the airport bus and taxi instead, which are much better. Of course you can also get cheap car hire from the airport if you're going to be travelling around a lot on your holiday in Turin.

What To Do In Turin

If there is only one thing you should do on your Turin break then it's a visit to the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, where you will find the Turin Shroud. It's surely a spectacle whether you believe its history or not! Other attractions include the Medieval Village approximately two miles from the city centre, or one of the many historic sites that Turin has to offer such as Santuario Basilica La Consolata, or San Lorenzo.

For cheap sightseeing ideas then you can't beat a bit of walking. Try going from the Via Roma from Porta Nuova Station to Piazza Castello via the Piazza San Carlo, a walk which showcases the city's famous elegance. Or from Piazza Castello to Piazza Vittorio and onwards to the Gran Madre Church will give you a chance to take in the city from the river Po. Another must-do that won't break the bank is sampling the gelato. Ok, it could break the bank - if you want to try every flavour!

Since the 2006 Olympics, Turin has gained popularity every year, so why not head over sooner rather than later, before more people catch on?

Where To Stay In Turin

The city has a good selection of hotels from budget to opulent. Around Porta Nuova train station you will find a good range of value accommodation if you're on a cheap Turin break, with youth hostels available further out of the city centre. In general you should be fine as long as you check the transport links. With buses, trams and the trains there should be no problem getting around and sightseeing while you're in Turin. On longer holidays you may want to think about hiring a car to visit the Italian Alps, so a hotel with car parking included is a great asset.

Short breaks to Turin

Turin is a great alternative for an Italian short break compared to the big cities of Venice, Rome and Milan. Direct flights are available from the main UK airports. Flight timings from London make it also feasible for a weekend break. Arrive late on Friday and discover Turin over the weekend and then fly back late on Sunday night. The best deals can be found in the early winter months where low cost airlines have cheaper prices and when combined with a basic hotel we see prices per person coming under £100. This is especially valid if you can be more flexible with your dates and can travel mid week. Prices do increase from mid December when the Italian ski season starts as