Quick Guide to Verona

Whether you are part of a pair of star-crossed lovers, with a group or taking your family, the historic city of Verona has much to offer from the old and new worlds and Verona holidays are sure to be romantic.

Fab holidays for:

Opera lovers, Italian breaks, Shakespeare aficionados, short breaks

Main Airport:

Verona Villafranca Airport

Did you know?

Lake Garda is only a short trip by train. A perfect excursion to add onto your Verona holiday !

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How To Get To Verona

You have two options when looking for cheap flights to Verona because there are two nearby airports which service it. You can fly into Verona-Villafranca Airport from London, but you can also make your way to Brescia Airport with certain operators depending on the availability. Once on the ground you can either take the bus, train or look for car rental in Verona to make your way to your accommodation.

What To Do In Verona

Verona holidays are all about history and many compare it to Rome because of its importance in the formation of Italy's past. There is the local amphitheatre which could seat 20,000 people in its heyday, the museum located in the Teatro Romano and even the Romeo and Juliet trail, which will have fans of Shakespeare very excited as it will take you through areas which may have inspired the Bard's tale of love and loss.

Where To Stay In Verona

Verona has everything from five star hotels to cosy bed and breakfast places, so you can make your holidays to Verona as luxurious or rustic as you like. The good thing about taking cheap holidays in Verona is that the lower budget accommodation is usually located in the older buildings, which means you can enjoy your stay in truly historical surroundings.