Quick Guide to Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of dramatic coastline, spectacular landscape, a rich history, divine food and beautiful beaches. It's wrapped in vivid colours, from the lush green countryside and rice fields of the Mekong Delta, to the gorgeous fabrics for sale in Hoi An and the hubub of traffic and street life of Hanoi.

While flights to Vietnam may be a bit pricier than a European trip, once you're there, cheap holiday deals are widely available. Have a look at flights to Bangkok to start off your Vietnam journey for 2017/2018, or even check out last minute Vietnam deals if time isn't of the essence. Once you're wandering around the enigmatic streets of this lovely country, you'll know every penny spent was worth it.

Other Destinations in Vietnam

How To Get To Vietnam

Holidays in Vietnam start with a flight into one of the four international airports. Tan Son Nhat Airport which serves Ho Chi Minh City and Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi are the main portals for those travelling direct from Europe and the US. Da Nang and Can Tho Airports accept Vietnam flights from Asian destinations. Last minute deals aren't the easiest to find but once you're in south east Asia, such as Thailand, local flights are absolute bargains.

Top 5 Things to Do in Vietnam


Vietnam shouldn't be overlooked when deciding on a south east Asia holiday. It's got a lot more to offer than you think!

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is one of the world's natural wonders and an elected UNESCO Heritage spot. Spectacular limestone islands and islets are spread across 1,500 kilometres and booking a junk boat to see them is an experience like no other.
Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was once the political centre of Vietnam for 13 consecutive centuries. It was also the capital of Vietnam for eight centuries! It's definitely worth a visit.
Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels are a war museum, with a twist. A tribute to to Viet Cong-era soldier, prepare to be squeezed into very small spaces as you learn all about the fights from 1948 onwards while wandering around 120-kilometre worth of tunnels.
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
You'll find this UNESCO World Heritage park in Quang Binh Province, north-central Vietnam. Not only is it beautiful but it's the result of earth crust development 464 million years ago. It's the oldest major karst formation in all of Asia.
Mui Ne Sand Dunes
Mui Ne's sand dunes are conveniently located near the beach so you can do half a day of sunbathing and half a day of sandboarding or sledding down white and red sand dunes.

What To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam holidays are filled with contrasts. Vietnamese cities are noisy bustling places filled with smells and sounds that bombard the senses in a truly memorable and wonderful way, and holidays in Hanoi will satisfy those looking for the buzz of city life. For those who want to relax on a beautiful beach or explore the rich history of the country there are numerous places to visit. Vietnam holidays have something for everyone.

Where To Stay In Vietnam

There is a range of accommodation in Vietnam to suit all budgets. Travellers looking for cheap holidays to Vietnam will have no trouble finding good accommodation at sensible prices. For those looking for luxury all the big names in hotels are represented both in the cities and on the islands as well as at beach resorts, with all the facilities you would expect.