Quick Guide to Zante

Also known as Zakynthos, Zante is the most southerly of the Ionian group of islands and its spectacular beaches and stunning scenery are considered to be some of the finest in all of Greece. Dramatic sea caves and towering white cliffs give way to soft white beaches, some of which are nesting sites for loggerhead turtles. Beach lovers won't want to go any further than basking in the sun on a summer holiday in Zante, but you could also explore the interior in spring to avoid the crowds.

Zante is also notorious for its party scene, and parts of it like Laganas draw in a fair number of young tourists in the summer months. But there's also plenty to do and see for young couples and families who wish to steer clear from the lively neon-lit strips, including visiting its national park on the south-western coast, or heading to one of the island's waterparks to cool off.

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Buzzing clubs, Loggerhead turtle spotting, Stunning beaches


Zante International Airport

Did you know?

Zante is one of the largest islands in the Ionian Sea and is second only to Corfu in the amount of visitors it attracts.

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Top 5 Beaches in Zante


Zante beaches are stunning but there are some particular ones you're going to want to pay a visit.

Tsilivi Beach
With rolling hills and leafy olive groves surrounding its white sands, Tsilivi Beach makes for a pretty picture. Plus, waters are clear and there are plenty of snack bars and restaurants to grab a bite to eat which means even more beach time!
St Nicholas Beach
Water sports aficionados should report to St Nicholas Beach immediately. On the south of the island, banana boats whir across the seas and ringo riders' screams of delight are heard all day long. There's also water-skiing, paragliding and canoeing available.
Smugglers Cove
You can only get to Smugglers Cove by boat but it's more than worth the trip. With insanely blue waters and a pale strip of sand framed by towering cliffs and a rusting shipwreck sitting on its shores, it's one the most photographed sights on the island.
Laganas Beach
Known as one of the liveliest resorts in Zante and its beach is no different. The whole nine-kilometre stretch of sand is peppered with ice cream stalls, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Tread carefully as there's probably someone sleeping underfoot, trying to recover from last night's antics.
Gerakas Beach
It may be an hour and a half drive to the south but turtle lovers can't pass up the opportunity to visit the only turtle conservation centre on the island. To see these adorable critters, stop off at Kalamaki Beach - it's a magnet for loggerhead turtles.

How to get to Zante

Since it's been a favourite sunny destination for years, cheap holidays to Zante are easy to find. Either book your flights to Zante separately from your accommodation or let us do the hard work and book a Zante holiday package via our search tools. Flying to Zante from the UK takes just over three hours and the island is served by all the major tour operators from a variety of London and regional airports. For simplicity, book your package holiday in Zante to include transfers.

Money Saving Tips

Look out for cheap deals, either last-minute holidays or booking early for summer 2018 or 2019 are likely to save you the most money if you're after a holiday package to Zante. You may find it cheaper to book an independent holiday in Zante. There are lots of self catering villas in the interior of Zante, but still a short drive from Laganas or Tsilivi. Another way to save is to catch a ferry into Zante - they depart from Killini on the Greek mainland.

Top Things to do in Zante

As well as the famous Smugglers Cove, a popular filming spot, it's always fun to take a trip to the Blue Caves, where you can snorkel through fascinating rock formations and Marathonisi, also known as Turtle Island. This is a great place for families and offers a great insight into turtle nesting behaviour.

For fun-fuelled family days out in Zante, there's Tsilivi Waterpark, on the east of the island. And if you're looking for a romantic and peaceful spot to take a loved one, Keri's Lighthouse offers spectacular views across the ocean. For Zante nightlife, the most popular resort is Laganas, where the main strip fills up at nightfall and revellers party until dawn.

Free Things to do in Zante

There are plenty of free activities to get involved with on the island. Smugglers Cove is one of the most famous attractions in Zante, but you don't have to pay for a boat trip to go and see this white shelf of sand cradled by limestone cliffs. If you don't mind looking into the aquamarine waters at its edge from a distance, you can visit the viewing platform above and take some mesmerising photos. Then there's snorkelling in the crystal clear sea surrounding the island, where you can spot an array of wildlife including turtles. There are also a handful of churches, monasteries and museums which are well worth visiting if you want to learn about this Greek Island's history and culture.

When to go to Zante

If you're after a summer holiday in Zante, be sure to book early. The popularity of this island in peak times is due to wonderful weather in July and August, but that does mean that the prices are much higher at this time. If you want a cheap Zante holiday, consider travelling in September, October, May and June, when the sun's heat is a little less intense. To save your pennies, consider a self-catering hotel in Zante.