dealchecker's guide to Florence

Florence is one of Italy's most visited cities, and its churches, palaces and museums are home to many of the world's greatest art treasures. The most popular sights include the Uffizi, the Palazzo del Popolo, the Cathedral and the Accademia. San Lorenzo is a stunning example of the work of Michelangelo's architecture. Many of the old streets lead to the Arno River and, after crossing the Ponte Vecchio you'll get to the Oltrarno, the more modern part of the city. Hotels in Florence abound in this area.

Choosing a Florence Hotel

The centre is fairly small so most hotels in Florence are within easy reach of the city's attractions. The variety of Florence hotels is incredible. From small boutique hotels with fine, elegant furnishings and marble floors to cheap Florence hotels, there is something for everyone. Many businesses choose to host conferences in Florence as delegates are attracted by the wealth of sights the city offers.

When to Visit Florence

Florence is located in a valley so its temperatures can vary slightly from that of the rest of Tuscany. July and August are the hottest months whilst June and September can be the best time to consider holidays to Florence. It's worth bearing in mind that many businesses, including restaurants and shops, close down for two weeks or more in August as Italians like to escape the city's heat. December and January are the coolest months and cheap flights to Florence can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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