dealchecker's guide to Harrogate

A spa town vibrant with charming Victorian architecture, idyllic gardens cultivated in true 'English country garden' style and an eclectic mixture of modern shopping and incredible historical attractions, Harrogate truly is the jewel of North Yorkshire. In 1571, natural mineral springs whose waters were believed to have medicinal properties were discovered in the town and this discovery triggered a mass of investment and development in the area as disabled and wealthy tourists flocked to the town, hoping to be cured of any ailments by the water of the spas. Today, this early investment has more than paid off and Harrogate remains a town of indulgence, interest and luxury Harrogate hotels.

Choosing a Harrogate hotel

Harrogate's long history of tourism means it is exceptionally well supplied with a wide range of hotels. Cheap hotels in Harrogate are numerous and are often of a much higher standard than might be expected of a similar price range anywhere else. With such a number of beautiful buildings on offer, cheap hotels in Harrogate don't necessarily mean the building appears 'cheap' either!

When to visit Harrogate

With such a wealth of picturesque gardens and scenery to enjoy, it may be most enjoyable to visit Harrogate during the spring and summer months, when the gardens are in bloom. If you are interested in visiting during this time, bear in mind that that hotels may need to be booked further in advance. Alternatively, if you are interested in exploring the Yorkshire Dales around the town, these are more dramatic in autumn or even winter. Plenty of cheap Harrogate car hire is available to help you venture further afield.

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