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Hawaii is a string of volcanic islands that lie in the Pacific Ocean to the south west of the North American continent. It's the 50th state in the United States of America. There is still an active volcano on the island of Hawaii, which is known as the Big Island to avoid confusion with the state.

Choosing a Hawaii hotel

When you are picking a hotel Hawaii really can provide for whatever you want, offering everything from lavish beachfront complexes to cheap Hawaii hotels and everything in between. With the ocean so close wherever you stay, there is a big focus on water sports - you can go deep sea fishing or whale watching, surfing or simply sunbathing. The coral reefs around the island have been formed by volcanic activity and provide some of the most unique diving in the world. So with Hawaii flights becoming easier to find all the time, it's easy to understand why many people are going for cheap holidays in Hawaii to get some winter sun.

When to visit Hawaii

Hawaii has a typical tropical climate, but the humidity and heat are countered a little by the trade winds that blow nearly all the time from the east. The islands only really have two seasons, dry from May to October and wet for the other months. You can even find snow on the higher peaks, a rarity in the tropics. There is so much to do on the only island state of America - you can even visit an active volcano, so snap up a deal at one of the cheap Hawaii hotels using our search tool!

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