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Whether it’s the captivating tales of Hans Christian Andersen, the huge Lego creations of Billund or the historic streets of Copenhagen's Indre By that have drawn you to Denmark, you can rest assured you won't leave disappointed.

Search dealchecker for the best accommodation in this geographical bridge between northern Europe and Scandinavia and you can look forward to a smorgasbord of Viking treasures and windswept beaches, laid-back café culture and perpetual smiles – Denmark is consistently rated as the happiest country on the globe…

City Breaks in Denmark

Copenhagen breaks the mould of the European city with its blend of museum-piece architecture and gentrified life. At once old and lived-in, it ranges from an historic medieval core (known as the Indre By) to the quirky café strips of Vesterbro. Meanwhile, Norrebro pulses with student pubs, canals weave around the downtown area and the waters of the Havnebadet harbour splash with swimmers by summer.

Aarhus, the nation's second-largest city, draws visitors with the promise of happy locals and beautiful half-timbered Medieval homes. The huge university has also bred a nightlife scene that's packed with live music dives, al fresco beer terraces and coffeeshops along the pretty Aboulevarden promenade.

Ringed by industrial depots and bustling ports, Aalborg is a gritty student city with real character. Imbued with elegant Flemish-style townhouses and oodles of museums, it's cut-through by the winding courses of Jomfru Ane Gade – the longest party street in all of Scandinavia.

Other Popular Hotel Stays in Denmark

Away from the streets of Copenhagen and built-up Zealand, the small island of Funen is the place for laid-back country villages and quiet contemplation. Set in the heart of Denmark, you can settle between the rolling orchards of Ringe, above the Baltic rollers in charming Faaborg, or in the company of painted timber cottages and cobblestones in Marstal. Or, hit the city of Odense to trace the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Partiers flock to the humble little city of Roskilde every year for the summertime blowout that is the Roskilde Festival. A mashup of alt rock and electro, the shindig draws more than 100,000 people.

And on the other end of the spectrum is the wild and otherworldly landscapes of the lonely Faroe Islands. Set out between the icy swells of the North Atlantic Ocean, this cluster of rocks comes carved with table-top mountains and gushing waterfalls. Come to hike cliffs and spot puffins in Mykines, or enjoy the hearty seaside taverns of Torshavn.

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