dealchecker's guide to Egypt

Egypt is a sun struck northeastern African country, covered in glittery golden desert, severed by the glistening Nile river, and speared with towering, sharp pointed Pyramids.

Cairo is the country's capital, a heritage-filled city set beside the Giza Pyramids, rich with ancient Islamic architecture, museums and coffee-come-shisha bars. Alexandria is another top spot, a sprawling seaport city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, dotted with citadels and Roman ruins. Archaeology enthusiasts, meanwhile, will find no end of inspiration at the Valley Of The Kings, a ruin laden, tomb speckled gathering of canyons and slopes.

Popular Hotel Stays in Egypt

Search dealchecker to get the best deals on popular hotel stays in Egypt – whether you're after a culture-filled city break in somewhere like Cairo, or want to be pampered in one of the country's luxurious Red Sea resorts. If the latter sounds ideal to you, visit Hurghada, a small sun-dappled beach resort town bordered with palm-lined promenades and white-gold sands sweeping down into the warm, aquamarine Red Sea waters.

Another popular paradisal beach resort city is Sharm el-Sheikh, perched on the southern tip of Egypt's Sinai Peninsular. This subtropical haven offers endless scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities in its Red Sea coral reefs. Inland, meanwhile, the city sings with fresh seafood restaurants and glitzy malls.

For something totally different, book a hotel in one of the ancient temple towns strung along the glistening River Nile in Upper Egypt, like quiet Aswan.

City Breaks in Egypt

Egypt's sprawling, labyrinth-like capital city of Cairo is a top city break. The Giza Pyramids, the largest of which stands at 138-metres-tell and was built over 4,000 years ago, aren't the only cultural Cairo attraction. The city's red-washed Egyptian Museum houses thousands of ancient relics – from gold mummy masks to ancient statues – while the mighty Mosque of Muhammad Ali pierces the skyline with smooth domes and sharp minarets. Shoppers can splurge for deals in the Khan el-Khalili, a vast souk market selling trinkets, spices and clothing.

The northern city of Alexandria offers a calmer city break with sea views and a mix of ancient relics and modern resorts.

To truly take in Egypt's old world history, away from all the urban hustle and bustle, visit quaint Nile-front Luxor, a small city centred around the remarkably well-preserved ruins of Luxor Temple, a gathering of ancient pillars, red-granite obelisks and statues.

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