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Kenya is a sun-struck east African country overflowing with wildlife. The country's Indian Ocean coastline gives a tropical climate to the southeastern end of the country, while the inland areas mix sweeping savannah grassland, rocky mountain peaks and blue shimmering lakes. There are many nature parks laid across this African eden, where you can spot giraffes, lions and giant grey elephants.

Kenya's urban cores, like the capital city of Nairobi, are dotted with local heritage museums, speckled with cheap and luxury Kenya hotels and brimming with buzzing bars and authentic Ethiopian-cuisine restaurants.

Popular Hotel Stays in Kenya

The Indian Ocean coastal region of Kenya is perfect for sun-seekers craving wide sandy beachfront. Along this stretch of coast, Lamu provides a tropical island atmosphere – an islet separated from mainland Kenya by a slim, shimmering band of water. On the island, the rustic town of Lamu is cast in old world Swahili architecture and fringed with fantastic beaches.

Diani Beach lies just south of the coastal seaport city of Mombasa and boasts a wide expanse of sugary-white sands lined with all-inclusive luxury resorts. You're bound to find some cheap hotels in Kenya’s Diani Beach area too – just search on dealchecker.

Kenya also offers a wealth of eco-breaks – whether in luxury lodges or low-key campsites – on the edges of its many national parks and game reserves, like the Mara Triangle Massai Mara National Reserve and the rolling grasslands of the Tsavo National Park.

What to see in Kenya

Culture seeking city explorers can tour Nairobi's captivating museums. The Karen Blixen Museum, a bungalow-style structure surrounded by swaying palms, is the former house of Danish author Karen Blixon, who penned Out of Africa. After touring the flower-rich grounds and heritage museum, get to grips with more city history at the Nairobi National Museum, a multi-format cultural venue mixing botanical gardens, contemporary art and ancient relics.

The Nairobi National Park is just a half an hour drive outside of the city, perfect for a safari tour on a tight schedule – among the plains and acacia bushes, you can spot black rhinos, zebras, cheetahs, lions and more. The Amboseli National Reserve is arguably more picturesque as it's crowned by the distant snow-capped peaks of neighbouring Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro.

In central Kenya, meanwhile, you'll find rare multicoloured birds sprinkled like confetti over the vast, glimmering waters of Lake Naruru.

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