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Come to Qatar to ride the ridges of the desert dunes, rumble over the dusty tracks of the backcountry, between the camel trails and crumbling adobe walls of UNESCO-attested Al Zubarah.

Discover the best deals on cheap hotels in Qatar and you could soon be flitting between the cultural hotspots of up-and-coming Doha, reclining on the shimmering beaches of the Persian Gulf if you are staying at one of Qatar's beach front hotels, gawping at man-made Pearl Island, and devouring tasty Middle Eastern mezze in this sun-baked destination.

Popular Hotel Stays in Qatar

You can expect oodles of luxury and opulence in Doha. Search dealchecker to compare prices on some of the most acclaimed accommodations, whether you want to stay in the heart of the city, or in Westbay, near shimmering golden sands.

Staying in the area of Katara offers easy access to the capital's cultural village. This all-in-one heritage attraction is imbued with the elegant frontispieces of the Masjid of Katara, a series of beautiful gardens, the resplendent Golden Masjid and its glittering inlays, oodles of cafes and eateries, and even a city beach.

Umm Salal Muhammad is great for getting a dose of history and heritage away from the crowds. Just a short drive north of Doha, it's crowned by the ruins of an old fortress and mosque, which can be found glowing ivory against the desert in the evening.

City Breaks in Qatar

Neon-lit and shimmering with steel skyscrapers, Doha clutches the side of the Qatar Peninsula between the Persian Gulf and the desert. Full of life and character, you'll discover the arabesque streets of Souq Waqif here, packed with cumin-scented spice emporiums. There's also old Ottoman forts and the truly wonderful exhibition rooms of the Museum of Islamic Art to explore, complete with Mesopotamian ceramics and calligraphy dating to the Chinese Qing dynasty

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