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The island of Jersey in the English Channel is the biggest and most southern of the British Channel Islands. Know for being a tax free haven with a moderate climate, extensive farmland, peace and quiet and pretty beaches, Jersey hotels are popular all year round. Just beware that if you get car rental in Jersey, the speed limit everywhere is 40 miles per hour!

Choosing a Jersey Hotel

There is not an abundance of cheap hotels in Jersey, but if you're prepared to have a look then there are some bargains to be found. If you have not already booked yourself into one of the hotels in Jersey before your flight to Saint Helier then the airport will be able to provide tourist information on where you can stay.

When to Visit Jersey

The weather in Jersey is slightly better than on the UK mainland, although by no means completely tropical! So expect UK weather with a slightly warmer twist. Most people choose to visit in the summer when the weather is at its warmest, but be aware that this is also when cheap Jersey hotels book up the quickest.

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