dealchecker's guide to Lanzarote

It's been associated with a very British strand of tourism in past years, but don't let that fool you - this is an island of stark, undeniable beauty, with black beaches set against a luminous volcanic moonscape and the rolling greenness of the north. On the south side, you'll find stunning beaches and even art from Cesar Manrique that illustrates a wonderful synergy between the efforts of nature and man.

With some 300 volcanic peaks it makes a dramatic sight when seen from the air, plus it's much smaller than its neighbours, with sunshine all the year round - so it's easy to see why it attracts so many visitors! The Canary islands are always popular for those in search of that elusive mistress, Winter Sunshine, but in our opinion, Lanzarote definitely has the edge.

Where to stay

It's looking likely that Puerto del Carmen will continue getting bigger in 2016 and 2017, with later and louder parties. It's still pretty calm elsewhere, so don't worry! Check out Arrecife for a quieter party vibe with local entertainment. There are five main resorts on the island so finding a good deal isn't usually difficult - grab the cheapest prices by avoiding the peak months of June, July and August.

What to see in Lanzarote

Aside from the beaches, the volcanic interior is one of the highlights. Timanfaya National Park is the major must-see on any holiday in Lanzarote - but you have to join a tour - you can't just set off into the smouldering park! Our top tip would be to stop for a bite at El Diablo, where you can eat lunch cooked by the fire of the volcano! This is just one of the creations of island legend Cesar Manrique. Also check out the Mirador del Rio view point and the cactus garden.

Flights to Lanzarote

Flights to Lanzarote depart from all over the UK and they all land into Lanzarote Airport, the only airport on the island.

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