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  • Look well beyond Launceston itself for hidden gem hotels offering great prices
  • Search dealchecker for the best prices of hotels both within Launceston and on the outskirts

Fly into Launceston to explore not only the urban centre – which happens to be one of the largest in Tasmania – but to also take in the great outdoors surrounding the town. Launceston itself exudes historic charm, with impeccably preserved Victorian architecture lining the streets, and genteel parklands that have delighted locals and visitors for centuries. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery is the largest Australian exhibition space not in a major city, while just outside the centre you'll discover Cataract Gorge, a rugged realm of winding trails and strutting peacocks. Be sure to check out the immense chair lift, which will reward daring riders with unforgettable views across the wilderness.


Where to Stay in Launceston

When it comes to Launceston hotels, the obvious area to look into is the centre of town. Sure enough, this is where you'll find a dense cluster of comfortable places to stay. These include up-scale, boutique pads whose guestrooms are adorned with bold, artistic prints and colourful fabrics, as well as more homely abodes in old Colonial-style houses.

You can also opt for a hotel overlooking the coursing Tamar River, or – to find bargain accommodation away from the more tourist-centric centre – you can look northwards to nearby communities like Legana and Mayfield. One of the advantages of the area is that, wherever you choose to stay, you'll be close to areas of craggy natural beauty, as well as the museums, bars and restaurants of Launceston itself.


How to get a Great Deal on Launceston Hotels

To find cheap hotels in Launceston, it's well worth looking through the listings on dealchecker to compare the various places on offer, as there are quite a few options depending on whether you want to stay in central Launceston or are willing to look further afield for a real bargain during your holiday in Australia.

Speaking of which, it can really free you up if you have your own hire car. This will allow you to easily explore the landscape on four wheels, and tour the many quaint and historic villages, and lush wineries, of the Tamar Valley. Having your own vehicle will also give you the freedom to opt for far-flung, modestly-priced hotels which are often such great value for money.


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