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  • Maui hotels have some great rates for those eager for some winter sun
  • Holiday on Maui's north, south-west or east coasts for some great hotel deals

Maui is the stuff of tropical dreams. Languishing out in the Pacific between the Hawaiian Islands, it's the second-largest land mass in the Aloha State. Its coastline runs from craggy black-rock cliffs splattered by the salt spray of the ocean to picture-perfect stretches of golden sand, where sculpted tubes hide wave riders out on the swells. Meanwhile, the interior is a hinterland of sulfur-belching calderas, soaring to the magma-scorched tops of Haleakala volcano. And the towns are chilled and lackadaisical surfer places, with beer shacks and casual Maui hotels hidden between clutches of coconut palms along the shore.


Where to Stay in Maui

Many a beach-seeking traveller will make the journey up the west coast of the island, to the much-loved town of Kaanapali. With shimmering stretches of ochre-hued sand, swimming coves, and ancient cliff diving ceremonies that date back to the days of the Polynesian kings, it's easy to see why the pool-peppered hotels there are in demand.

Further up the west shore is Kapalua, where the rugged tops of the beautiful West Maui Mountains dominate the skyline, and the name of the game is luxurious retreats with infinity pools and spas.

And then there are the popular towns of Makena and Wailea. These are both packed with family-sized villas and acclaimed hotels, come surrounded with beautiful beach parks, and even offer good access to the wild reaches of Haleakala Volcano further in the east – you might still need to rent a car in Hawaii to get there.


How to get a Great Deal on Maui Hotels

Despite a couple of sporadic showers and storms in the rainy season of the Hawaii Islands, Maui remains a great place to visit between November and March on account of its steady year-round temperatures. What's more, you're likely to find hotel rates are far cheaper in the winter, which is great news for snowbirds exiting North America.

Whatever time of year you've chosen to travel to this volcano-topped isle, it's worth searching dealchecker as early as you can. Doing that will ensure you get the pick of the top holiday packages and cheap hotels in Maui, before they all sell out.

What's more, it's also a good idea to avoid the more exclusive resort areas of Kaanapali and Kapalua if you're looking to keep prices low. The south-west, north and east coasts also have plenty of places to stay, not to mention their own local airports and picture-perfect surfer beaches.


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