dealchecker's guide to Nicosia

  • Cyprus stays hot well into autumn, meaning it's great for a late season jaunt
  • Avoid Greek Easter festivities, when hotel rates will increase dramatically in the town

Split by the once-tenuous borderline that divided the Greek and Turkish peoples of this ancient isle, Nicosia is a city – quite literally – of two halves. In the north, cultural monuments like the beautiful Selimiye Mosque tower over winding Ottoman streets, and restaurants serve sish kebabs next to twirling dervishes. In the south, haloumi salads and Greco ruins beckon, along with awesome institutions like the Cyprus Museum, and a particularly raucous nightlife. To visit this curious split-personality of a city, be sure to search dealchecker for the top cheap hotels in Nicosia – your ticket to a bargain show of Byzantine treasures and majestic mosques.


Where to Stay in Nicosia

A great number of the best-known hotel brands can be found clustering around the ancient gates on the western edge of the walled Old City. These offer excellent access to the tight-knit maze of cobbled streets and endless monuments that pepper the heart of Nicosia; buzzing Ledras Street; the Byzantine Museum; the enchanting Ottoman hammams.

Cross over into the territory of North Cyprus, and the Old City on the Turkish side of the island has its own smattering of interesting hotels. There are boutique options, whitewashed and dotted with cactus gardens, or homey family-owned guesthouses in the shadow of minarets.

The other hotel hotspot in Nicosia is found to the south of the walled city. Here, amidst the crisscrossing grids of modern streets, there's everything from big name luxury hotels like Hilton to independent establishments focussed on the city's business travelers. This is the best place to bed down if you're looking for easy access to Nicosia Airport.


How to get a Great Deal on Nicosia Hotels

If you don't want to sacrifice the Cypriot weather but still want to keep the cost of your holiday to Nicosia on the low, then why not consider hitting the city in the month of October? Weather tends to stay good in these southern climes well into the autumn, so you can still expect to don the shorts and sunnies while strolling the cafes of Ledra Street – all just for a little less cash.

Avoiding the mega celebrations of Greek Easter in spring is also wise. While it's a shame to miss out on the religious processions and folk music festivals that take hold of the capital, hotel rates will soar.

Nicosia hotels tend to be much more popular on the south, Greek side of the city. You'll need to check your visa, but it's possible to bed down on the cheaper northern side of Cyprus and still visit the other half of town. The border crossing on Ledra Street is now relaxed and open all night long.


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