dealchecker's guide to Tehran

  • Visit Tehran in the winter for great hotel deals and a chance to ski in the Alborz Mountains
  • Airport hotels in Tehran offer great value close to the runways

Tehran throbs with life. Jangling gold emporiums and multi-coloured sari stalls bustle under the vaulted tops of the Grand Bazaar. Soaring minarets mark out the masjids from the forest of skyscrapers. The Azadi Tower looms above parklands peppered with Spanish pines, Iran's youth flit between the cool cafes, and the mighty serrated tops of the Alborz Mountains forever watch in the distance. Search dealchecker for the top packages on cheap hotels in Tehran and you could soon be unravelling the rich heritage and buzzing modern life of this Middle Eastern capital.


Where to Stay in Tehran

If proximity to the main attractions of Iran's capital is your priority, then consider looking for a hotel around Sharh Park in the heart of the metropolis. Bedding down in one of the international hotels here means having the elegant Qajar complex of Golestan Palace and the National Museum of Iran right on the doorstep.

Staying in the districts of north Tehran, around Ekbatan Town and the Azidi Tower, means getting good connections to the Mehrabad International Airport – perfect if you're catching a late or early flight to Iran.

Other Tehran hotels pepper the streets close to the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport on the edge of the city, while more off-the-beaten-track accommodation choices can be sought out in the rugged heights of the Alborz, or in the oases towns that dot the dusty valleys to the south.


How to get a Great Deal on Tehran Hotels

While you might need to take along a sun umbrella and a portable fan, the high summer in Tehran promises some great hotel deals. Meanwhile, the winter season is also cheap, and offers the chance to hit the up-coming ski fields of Dizin in the Alborz Mountains.

Always be sure to search dealchecker as far in advance of your holiday to Iran as you can. Not only will doing that mean having the pick of the top deals on hotels close to the National Museum and Golestan Palace, but also the cheapest airfare options to boot.

What's more, steering clear of the popular central districts where the main attractions are, and going for a hotel that's near the airports on the north and south sides of Iran's capital, is another sure way to save some rials for the buzzing bazaars and souks of the city.


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