dealchecker's guide to Wembley

  • For the best hotel deals, try to avoid weekend and school holiday travel
  • Hotel costs can increase when sporting fixtures and concerts are on at Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Wembley is situated in northwest London, around 40 minutes from Trafalgar Square by underground, bus or car. It is home to the iconic Wembley Stadium, which hosts national and international football matches and concerts throughout the year. Football fans can enjoy a tour of the trophy room or you can run out onto the pitch and imagine crowds screaming as you score the ultimate goal. Alternatively, if sport isn't your thing, Wembley has great shopping, superb dining and plenty of traditional pubs in which to enjoy a glass of wine or a pint.


Where to Stay in Wembley

Wembley hotels consist of comfortable, well-priced chain accommodations and independent hotels. Many are within walking distance of the rail station and Wembley Stadium, so if you are travelling to an event, there's a great choice if you book early enough.

To reduce costs, you may wish to hire a car and visit areas of outer London. Hotels tend to be cheaper the further afield you travel, especially when there are concerts and football matches on at Wembley Stadium. Search for budget hotel deals around Hampstead Heath, Harrow, Edgware or Watford too, and search dealchecker for 2018 offers.

If you book your trip in advance, you could stay in central London and take the bus or underground to Wembley. This way you gain all of the city attractions, and can reach your concert or football match in next to no time.


How to get a Great Deal on Wembley Hotels

To achieve the best Wembley hotel offers, try to avoid times when high profile concerts and international or cup football matches are on. During these times, prices in this area of London tend to rocket, and room rates can be double the cost of usual weekdays or weekends.

Opt to stay further away from the stadium and the centre to keep costs to a minimum. Wembley and the surrounding districts of London have two to five-star hotels which are on rail, bus and underground links so you don't have to commit to one particular area.

During school holidays, especially Easter, July, August and Bank Holidays, room rates in Wembley tend to be more expensive. If you can travel during winter months, during spring, early summer and autumn, and avoid event times at Wembley Stadium, you can gain competitive rates and explore surrounding areas without excessive crowds.


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