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Alice, dealchecker Editor

There are so many unusual and exciting destinations that can be part of a cruise to Asia and the Far East. Hong Kong, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City are all large cities where you can expect to stop if your cruise is in the region. Some cruises will start or end in these cities so you could look out for free extra nights - or treat yourself!

Colombo in Sri Lanka, Goa, Hanoi and Taipei all also regularly feature if your cruise ship is going to be heading to the right part of Asia. And some of the Japanese ports like Kagoshima and Yokohama offer yet another side to the cultural attractions.

Many of the routes are part of world cruises, where you'll find some pretty huge ships. Look for smaller ships which can access a more diverse range of ports to experience even more of this part of the world.

The best discounts we see on cruises to Asia and the Far East tend to be part of a world cruise, where you can join the ship for any or all of its around-the-world voyage. These so-called liner voyages are usually in this part of the world around February and March, to make the most of the weather.

If you're only joining one sector of a cruise ship's journey then that means you can look out for extra nights at the start or end of your cruise. This is an easy way to get to know one of the ports a little better, and many cruise deals will come with a couple of nights included - just be sure to snap up the deal when you see one as they don't hang around for long!

It's rarer to find dedicated cruises in Asia and the Far East, but not unheard of, so why not use our cruise search to find the best deal for you!