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Alice, dealchecker Editor

There aren't many ports in Bermuda, which is why you'll usually dock for a couple of days in each port you call at. This gives you plenty of time to take several trips, such as an island tour, or a golfing day, as well as having time to just relax and soak up the picture-perfect surroundings.

Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda, and you'll find pretty cobbled streets and the dominating Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity are the main features of the town. It's not all about the past though, with plenty of those famous pink beaches for a well-earned rest.

If historic attractions and beautiful beaches float your boat, then St Georges will also be right up your street. This colonial town has hardly changed in two centuries, and the naval fortifications are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In King's Wharf it's purely about relaxation, with crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, and wonderful food to keep you company.

Cruises to Bermuda run between April and November so don't expect to be able to get away for some winter sun - the weather here isn't as hot as the nearby tropical Caribbean islands. There are some great cruise and stay packages available though, whether you want to stay in the USA in your departure port, or if you want to spend some extra time in Bermuda. Use our cruise search to get a good deal.

Alternatively, look for your flight, cruise and hotel separately if you can't find a good value package - booking them all separately may be a little more effort but you get to tailor-make your itinerary.

As the cruise ship will spend several nights docked in Bermudan ports, you will be able to spend more time than usual onshore, which means that paying for upgraded meals and drinks packages probably isn't going to be worth it on this cruise. Do a little research beforehand to make sure that you enjoy the best of the local food and don't find yourself paying over the odds in a tourist trap.