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Alice, dealchecker Editor

The ships that cruise the British Isles can range in size from large to pretty small, so that means that a whole range of ports of call are available. Holyhead for Liverpool, Belfast, Edinburgh and London are all major stops along the way. One of these heavyweights is likely to be your boarding point, but don't forget there are plenty of historical attractions and beautiful places to go here as well.

Torquay, Invergordon, the Isles of Scilly and Dublin are also very popular as they put you amongst some stunning and diverse scenery - and in the case of Dublin, right at the heart of one of the British Isles' most popular destinations for a cheeky drink or two.

You may also find that your cruise calls at destinations such as Kirkwall and Portree in the Scottish Highlands, Cobh in southern Ireland, the Channel Islands and perhaps even pop to the continent with a stop at Le Havre in France!

Hopping on a cruise that takes you to other British Isles destinations can be a great way of dipping your toe in the waters of a cruising holiday - many of them are only a couple of days long so you can see how you fare at sea. These are usually also great value for money, particularly if you can get your hands on an offer where your drinks as well as your food are included in the price.

Think about how you will travel to the port, and if you're staying nearby ask about free shuttle buses, or reduced prices on local hotels. Many companies have preferred partners with great offers that can help you save the pennies.

It's not very often that you will find a cruise to British Isles destinations offering free extra nights in one of your destinations as they are all no-fly cruises - but why not splash out and use our hotel finder to extend your stay?