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Alice, dealchecker Editor

If exploring the globe is your thing, then you won't go too far wrong choosing a cruise from Holland America Line. They travel around the world with some great trips as far out as Alaska, the Caribbean and even the Amazon, along with more traditional cruises through the Mediterranean. Rome is a popular leaving port in Europe; we suggest getting an early flight, so you can explore one of Italy's finest cities.

Depending on what type of cruise you choose, there are a vast array of things to do and see at the destinations. Take a cruise to Alaska and visit Denali National Park and Glacier Bay as part of the excursion. If you feel like staying in Europe, then trips across the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Holy Land are a good idea. Onshore, days will be spent in ports, allowing you to explore the cities on offer.

Maybe an exotic Caribbean tour floats your boat (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). If that's the case then an excursion from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the place to start. you can fly into Florida enjoy the sights, then set off on your Caribbean tour, mixing exclusive Barbados beaches with visits to tiny and vibrant island nations. And if you continue south don't miss out on one of the highlights of the region; a voyage through the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal.

If you're feeling really adventurous, then why not take the 114 day long world tour and combine everything together, seeing Mediterranean, Caribbean, Alaskan and much more sites all in one go.

Holland America Line are all about sophisticated cruising, so you're not going to come across one in any bargain bucket. Despite saying that, there are still deals to be had, you just need to know how! We strongly recommend booking in advance as finding last minute deals can be risky when sorting out a holiday on a vast cruise ship, and miss out on your first preference in destinations or cabins.

It's always good to see if you can get extras thrown in with your trip, and the best way to get them is to ask! Perhaps even call a couple of different travel agents and see what options you can get on free room upgrades - you might be surprised with the results you can get.

Unless you're boarding your Holland America Line ship in the UK, it's good to look for deals where your flights are included. Or at least factor in what they're going to add on before you book.

Of course, don't forget to check out our Real Deals newsletter, it's our job to sniff out all the great deals so you don't have to do all that searching. If we find any Holland America Line deals, then you can bet your bottom dollar we're going to let you know about them.