Thomson cruises stick to traditionally popular cruise destinations, offering plenty of repeat itineraries so that there are plenty of chances for you to get on that cruise that you want.

The eastern and western Mediterranean are popular summer cruising destinations, with ports all the way from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to Istanbul and Cyprus. There are ports of call offering you the chance to see some of the Mediterranean's most historical sights, as well as exploring some stunning beaches.

For sunshine year-round, the Canary Islands are a perennial favourite, offering stunning landscapes, plenty of sunny beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. Winter sun can be found over in the Caribbean.

If you want something a little different, then an Egypt and the Red Sea cruise might be up your street - the sun shines year-round here too! Or explore the chillier Baltics in the summer, exploring the fantastic cities where history and architecture are at the top of the agenda.

There are plenty of promotions around to help you get the best deal on your Thomson cruise, so it's always worth shopping around to make sure you take advantage of these.

Look for cheap upgrades to all inclusive, which can really make a difference to your onboard spend, particularly if you like to indulge in a cocktail or two whilst you're on holiday! And on that note, free onboard spends are quite often an added incentive too, which can be spent on a whole range of activities and food.

Excursions can be discounted if you book well in advance, although it's always best to do a little research beforehand. Make sure that you can't get a better deal if you venture off by yourself - although remember you'll have to make sure you don't miss the ship!

Repositioning cruises between summer and winter sailings, and cruises with added stays, are both a great way to make your holiday budget stretch that little further. And make sure that your flights are included in the price too!

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