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Alice, dealchecker Editor

Dubai is the main focus of any Middle East cruise, and your trip wouldn't be complete without visiting the gold souk, or the Mall of the Emirates, which is consistently voted Dubai's best mall. Spare a little time to visit Bur Dubai though - this is the heart of how Dubai used to be before the money came rolling in.

Don't forget about the UAE's other amazing cities either! Muscat has been described as the "fjords of the Middle East", with beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. And once you reach the city, the Sultan's Palace, the Grand Mosque and the Mutrah Souk are sure to give you a memorable excursion.

Fellow Emirates Fujairah and Abu Dhabi are usually also part of the itinerary on a Dubai and Emirates cruise, and they have plenty to offer too. You can explore the huge Red Dunes desert area in Fujairah, whilst in Abu Dhabi it's the historic Corniche that will grab the attention.

Emirate cruises are at their most popular over the winter, because Dubai and the Middle East are great for winter sun - plus it's too hot to do anything in Dubai in the summer! Don't fret if you want a slice of the sunshine, just make sure you look out for early booking offers to get the best deal.

Keep your eyes peeled for free nights in Dubai too, as this is a great way to extend your holiday and spend a little more time in this fascinating city without forking out a lot extra.

To save onboard, ask about drinks packages when you book. Many cruise companies offer cheaper packages before you sail, and it saves you having to worry about your drinks bill totting up to an arm and a leg. Alcoholic beverages can be harder to come by in this part of the world, so don't expect to be able to sip a cocktail or two on an excursion before heading back to the ship.