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Alice, dealchecker Editor

It doesn't really matter where you call into in Hawaii - there will be amazing sights aplenty! Big Island (confusingly also called Hawaii by some cruise companies), Oahu and Maui are the main three, so make sure you have these on your itinerary. If volcanoes are your thing, then seeing Manua Kea and Manua Loa on Big Island are definitely a must-do. Kailua-Kona is the usual port here, but take a trip to Hilo on the other side of the volcanoes to experience Hawaii's diversity all in one trip.

Oahu is the most populous island, and where you will find the capital of Honolulu. Watersports lovers won't want to miss out on a visit to Waikiki Beach, whilst you can also get into the cultural side of things at the Polynesian Cultural Centre.

Maui earns its nickname as the "Valley Isle" thanks to its narrow central plain. If you can, take a trip to Hana for the sheer beauty of the voyage. Kauai is the other popular island to visit, and here you will find lush greenery and plenty of natural wonders.

Flying to the Pacific coast of the USA is never cheap, and then embarking on a cruise to Hawaii can be enough to make your eyes water, but this is a trip of a lifetime. Use our cruise search to make sure you get the best deal, and think about booking the cruise and flights separately to eke out your budget. Why not sign up for our Real Deals newsletter too? If we spot an exceptional deal on a Hawaii cruise you can bet it will go in!

Hawaii cruise deals sometimes also come with an added stay for free as well, so if you have plenty of spare holiday time, it's worth snapping up one of these deals. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the usual cities that are offered in such packages.

Since these cruises usually involve several sailing days at a time, make sure that you check out what your ship's onboard facilities there are, and buy a drinks package in advance to save money and avoid worrying about a large bill racking up. It's also worth looking for free or cheap balcony upgrades so you have your own outside space to enjoy.