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Alice, dealchecker Editor

Western Mediterranean cruises tend to focus on chic destinations like Barcelona, Rome, Cannes, Monaco and Villefranche, and occasionally add a stop in exotic Tunisia into the mix. Look out for ports of call that include the lovely Spanish cities of Valencia and Madrid, and you'll find that smaller vessels can stop in Ibiza as well.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises can be more varied. They might be all about the big-hitters such as Venice, Athens and Dubrovnik, with plenty of time to soak up all the history and beauty. Longer cruises can involve taking in Alexandria in Egypt and stopping in Kusadasi in Turkey for visits to Ephesus. Alternatively, they might hop between some of the Greek islands giving you a real taste of the good life. Look out for smaller cruise ships as well, as they can get into smaller ports like Santorini, making for a really unusual trip.

The best way to start saving money before you even step onboard is to check whether it's cheaper to book your flight separately. If you're departing from UK shores then there are often great deals on hotel stays and shuttle buses to the port, or reductions on parking prices when you book everything together.

Use our cruise search to get a great deal on your Mediterranean adventure, and check out our weekly deals which always includes some great value cruises. Spring and autumn cruises are often the cheapest as the sunshine is less guaranteed, but if you're heading out sightseeing it's often better to have cooler weather. If you've got your eyes on lazing by the pool and heading to the beach it's better to stick to the high season to get the most from your cruise.

Other things to look out for are cruises which include a stay in one of the Mediterranean hotspots like Rome, Venice or Barcelona at the beginning or end of your journey, giving you extra time to look around one of the cities, quite often for free!