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Alice, dealchecker Editor

The possibilities of where you can go on a repositioning cruise are endless! Whether you want to go to Dubai, Sydney, Barbados or the Red Sea, one thing's for sure - it's going to be sunny when you get there!

The most common repositioning cruise offers available to and from the UK run from Southampton to the Caribbean. There are generally only a couple of stops along the way, with Madeira featuring on most repositioning journeys, so expect to spend plenty of time onboard. Look for incentives like extra nights in the Caribbean once you arrive, or you could even hop on another cruise when you get there!

Many ships lay on extra entertainment to keep you busy along the way, with larger ships tending towards big shows and productions, whereas smaller ships usually focus on guest lectures and activities such as wine tasting or photography classes.

Alternatively, you could enjoy a holiday in the Caribbean first before embarking on a repositioning cruise back to the UK, as every spring the cruise ships return.

The whole point of repositioning cruises is that they are great value for money! They are becoming less of a secret though, so planning in advance and getting it booked early is a great idea if you want to pay rock bottom prices. Cruise itineraries can be on offer over a year in advance, so when we mean get organised early, we really mean it!

Holding your nerve and waiting until the last minute can also pay off - with cruise lines happier to get people onboard rather than sailing half full. Just make sure that your flight is included too, as last minute flights are often a lot more expensive.

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