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Secrets of the Douro

Day 1-2. Oporto (Porto), Portugal [ Portugal ]

Day 3. Pinhao, Portugal [ Portugal ]

Day 4. Salamanca, Spain [ Spain ]

Day 6. Regua, Portugal [ Portugal ]

Day 7-8. Oporto (Porto), Portugal [ Portugal ]

Christmas Markets in Alsace - 3 nights Europe cruise from Strasbourg, France to Strasbourg, France

Day 1. Strasbourg, France

Day 2. Colmar

Day 3. Strasbourg, France

Day 4. Strasbourg, France

Short Break in Paris - 3 nights Europe cruise from Paris to Paris

Day 1. Paris

Day 2. Paris

Day 2. La Defense

Day 3. Paris

Day 4. Paris

Short Break in Paris - 3 nights Europe cruise from Paris to Paris

Day 1. Paris

Day 2. Paris

Day 2. La Defense

Day 3. Paris

Day 4. Paris

Enchanting Rhine & Yuletide Markets

Day 1. Cologne, Germany [ Germany ]

Day 2. Rudesheim, Germany [ Germany ]

Day 3. Frankfurt, Germany [ Germany ]

Day 4. Koblenz, Germany [ Germany ]

Day 4-5. Cologne, Germany [ Germany ]

River Cruise Destinations

Nile Cruises

The Nile is the world's longest river, and a trip along it offers a great way to explore the wonders of Egypt. There are a number of different itineraries on offer but you might take in the sights at the ancient city of Luxor, have the opportunity to venture out to the Valley of the Kings or gaze in awe at the structural genius of the Aswan High Dam. The sun shines almost perennially in Egypt but temperatures can drop to the teens in winter, so remember to pack a jumper or two. Check out our real deals section for last minute offers.

Danube Cruises

The Danube meanders through ten countries and some of Europe's finest cities, it takes in the sights of Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade. Few cruises take in the whole length of this remarkable river but instead there are a whole host of itineraries which see boats traverse subsections of this waterway. This means that you can choose a cruise which takes in the sights that you are most interested in so be sure to do your research before you travel. Whilst the boat is always important on a cruise, these trips pride themselves on the time spent in great locations.

Rhine Cruises

If you love gorgeous scenes - a Rhine cruise might just be the holiday for you. The river Rhine winds its ways through the Swiss mountains, the picturesque medieval towns of Germany and the vineyards of the Alsace. These cruises have a slower pace than those packed with cities giving you time to relax with a glass of wine above deck. There are cruises of varying lengths to suit your budget and time frame. Some cruises connect on from the Rhine to the Danube via the Main-Danube Canal offering the chance to explore vast swathes of Europe in one trip.

Bordeaux Cruises

Bordeaux is as famous for its wine as it is for its good looks, a cruise along the waterways here promises to afford you with green vistas, and the opportunity to sip on a glass or two of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Traversing the Garonne and Dordogne rivers or the Gironde estuary allows you to take in some of the famous chateaus of the region giving a sense of grandeur to a trip to this part of the world. You will find cheaper cruises to this region from March - April, and then again later on in the year in November.

River Cruise Providers

Emerald Waterways

For a classic river cruise with a contemporary twist, it has to be Emerald Waterways. This award-winning fleet of state-of-the-art ships come complete with a number of on-board luxuries including a swimming pool with retractable roof on most ships, spacious sundeck and a wellness and fitness area.

Their ships traverse some of Europe's most famous rivers, including the castle-clad Rhine, the picturesque, lavender-surrounded Rhône, and the Danube which takes in some of central and Eastern Europe's most popular cities. In 2017 they will also launch new ships on the Douro river in Portugal and Rhone river in France.

A typical Emerald Waterways cruise package includes flights from several UK airports, as well as transfers to the port, day trips, all meals and complimentary drinks with lunch and dinner. This inclusive feature makes it easier for guests to understand the cost upfront.

Scenic Cruises

When Scenic say luxury cruising, they mean it. Expect a private butler service, available for every suite type, plush queen-sized beds, complimentary in-suite mini bars and L'Occitane toiletries as standard.

The interior design of their ships has been thoroughly considered, resulting in light, airy and undeniably spacious rooms, with even the standard suites measuring in at 160-square-feet.

Scenic take in a number of dreamy destinations across Europe, Asia and Russia with a focus on allowing travellers to immerse themselves in each destination as much or as little as they please. Shopping trips, GPS-fitted e-Bikes to explore the towns, and premium seats arranged at the finest music concerts and operas are just a few of the highlights you can expect.

Scenic Cruises

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