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What are Cookies?

Cookies are little delicious morsels of data which are stored by your web browser and which websites use to identify their users. Cookies may be used to match a user's activity on site with their email address (but in an anonymised form) and they allow websites to recognise the device (computer, mobile or tablet) and browser that you are using.

By enabling cookies websites can learn useful things about their users like which Internet browser they're on, whether they are a regular user of a website and how long users stay on their site.

How dealchecker uses cookies

It is dealchecker's intention to be open and clear about the way our website uses cookies.

Several important parts of our website, including our search tools, make use of cookies. If you do not have cookies enabled on your browser your experience of the site will be affected. We also use cookies to analyse our users' behaviour and to better their experience on the dealchecker website.

Below is a complete list of all the cookies dealchecker might store on your browser.

Some of these cookies are permanently stored on your computer, whilst others are deleted as soon as you exit our site.

If you're worried about cookies it's easy to control them - just click here to learn how.

Important Cookies

Some of the cookies we use are vital to allow dealchecker to function. You could say they are the dough that holds all our holiday chips together. If you do not have cookies enabled you’ll find that parts of our site don’t work as well as they should. For example it’s cookies that allow us to show you the right results when you fill in our search form and to display the most appropriate list of providers – both of which you need to compare holiday prices efficiently and quickly.


This cookie makes sure you get the results you asked for when you search on dealchecker

Performance Enhancing Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about how users navigate through our site so that we can keep improving the dealchecker experience. These cookies track things like what you’re searching for and whether we’re providing it quickly and accurately. They also tell us how you’re accessing dealchecker (eg via your mobile, tablet or computer) so we can make sure our pages display properly.

Some cookies we store for longer periods so we can see if you keep coming back to us; it suggests we must be doing something right.

Basically, these cookies are the baking equivalent of a report grade – telling us how well we are doing at getting you to the holiday of your dreams.

We also use cookies to identify users who are signed up to our Real Deals Newsletter – allowing those readers to see all our handpicked travel deals without having to repeatedly log in.

_#uid, _#sess, _#srchist, _#vdf, _#slid, _#env,

These cookies track users journeys across the site and allow us to see where they search for and what they click. Data is completely anonymous.


This cookie tells us if users were subscribed to our Real Deals newsletter before or if they are a new subscriber


If a user is already subscribed to our newsletter this cookie prevents them from having to sign to see our real deals again


This cookie tracks when users subscribed to our newsletter


Shows where a user came to our site from (for example if they arrived from a third party email), or on which page they signed up to our site

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

These are analytic cookies. They store search terms so we can see what our users are looking for


This cookie tracks user interactions with the search boxes and pages on the site


The visitor cookie allows us to see a user on the dealchecker site, and also tracks if the user has been to dealchecker before.


Allows us to see (roughly) our users locations in the real world


This cookie is a visit timer. It tells us how long a user stays on dealchecker


Stores information on our users browser and screen size – so we can check they’re able to see the design of the website correctly


This cookie’s role is to tell us how quickly the dealchecker pages loaded

Third-Party Cookies

Some of the cookies on dealchecker are used by third parties. That means the cookies are associated with a domain that is separate to

The majority of third-party cookies used by dealchecker relate to advertisements and mean that you’ll be served adverts that are more relevant to you both on-site and off-site. No personal data is stored outside of your email address, just information about what you might like based on what you’ve been clicking on. In practice this should mean that you only see adverts for things you might want, but if you’re not happy with this you can always switch these cookies off.

We also recognise cookies from third-party social media applications like facebook and twitter to save you the hassle of signing in again.

Delicious Cookies

In our humble opinion, these are the best cookies of all. Fancy dipping one of our cookies in your tea? Click here to see a favourite dealchecker cookie recipe.

Clearing Out the Cookie Jar

We understand you might like to be tidy and sort out or delete your cookies from time to time. This is easy to do in all the major browsers.

Using Chrome? Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings and you will find all the cookie information at the top of the page, including how to delete cookies that are currently on your computer

Using Firefox? Go to Tools > Options > Privacy and select Use Custom Settings For History to choose how cookies are stored on your computer.

Using Internet Explorer? Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and use the slider to control how many cookies you will allow.

To opt out of cookies from third parties, please follow the links below:

More information and instructions for other browsers is available all over the web, such as