10 Essential Travel Items Under £20

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Packing for a holiday brings about a different type of stress. You’ll always worry and wonder what you’ve forgotten no matter how prepared you think you are. When packing for your break it can be easy to forget the most essential items. This is why we have put together a list of 10 must-haves, all under £20, that you’ll certainly need on your travels.


1. Portable Charger – Amazon: £14.99


Portable charger

On a long day out exploring your destination the last thing you want to happen is your phone battery dying – how will you get those all-important pics for the ‘Gram? Just remember to charge up your portable charger before heading out and you’ll be good to go!


2. Noise Cancelling Earphones – Amazon: £7.09



Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to get some shut-eye on your flight and the people behind you are making as much noise as physically possible? Noise cancelling headphones are a must-have item while travelling, especially if you want to keep your peace.


3. World Adaptor – John Lewis: £19.99


World adaptor

This is one of the best travel investments you can make: you’ll save a lot of cash by purchasing a world adaptor rather than various single destination adaptors. It’s certainly necessary if you want to keep all of those tech devices powered up.


4. Portable Speaker – Argos: £15


Portable speaker

Whether lounging around on the beach, soaking up the sun at the pool, or chilling in your hotel room, a portable speaker is a great addition to have. Listen to your favourite hits and have a mini party of your own no matter where you are.


5. Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel – Superdrug: £0.60


Hand Sanitiser

Exploring and discovering new and exciting places in your chosen destination is a great way to spend the day and to find out more about the city you’re in. However, travelling around on public transport can potentially spread germs, so carry a pocket-sized hand sanitiser to make sure you’re always feeling fresh!


6. Sunscreen – Superdrug: £3.49



No matter your skin type or tone we all need protection from the sun, especially if you plan to be out in it all day. No-one wants to be looking lobster red in their holiday pics! Get yourself a great protective sunscreen that will last the duration of your break.


7. Mosquito Repellent – Boots: £2.99


Insect repellent

One thing we all know is that heat means mosquitoes, these little blighters love to leave us with an itchy bite – or ten. Be sure to include mosquito repellent in your must-have items, you don’t want them ruining your skin, or your holiday.


8. Mini Handheld Fan – eBay: £2.99


Mini Fan

As fun as it can be wandering around the city you’re in and living like a local on public transportation, if you’re not used to the climate you can get hot and sticky fairly quickly. These mini handheld fans are a great purchase if you want to remain cool, calm and collected while on the move.


9. 5L Hydration Pack – Decathlon: £17.99


Hydration Pack

Whether you’re heading for an escape full of adventure or a chilled break discovering hidden treasures, a hydration pack will definitely come in handy. It holds up to five litres of your chosen drink and also doubles as a backpack where you can keep your personal belongings.


10. Tote Bag – Amazon: £9.98


Tote Bag

Tote bags are great for holding all of your on-the-go items as well as any souvenirs that you may end up picking up along the way. You can get different sizes and as they’re relatively cheap and very light you can definitely pack more than one, just in case.