7 Handy Products For The Travel Savvy

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If you fancy yourself as a travel pro, make sure you have the suitcase to match! Follow our handy guide to packing travel savvy and you’ll find yourself saving money and time while away.


Don’t let those cheeky airlines catch you out with a suitcase stuffed full of souvenirs and trinkets, be travel conscious and buy yourself a set of scales! Whether you are travelling with hand baggage only or checking bags into the hold, be absolutely sure that they are below the size and weight restrictions imposed by the airline before you leave for the airport. Excess charges can be eye watering and you need that extra cash for beachside cocktails!

Ear Plugs

Next on our list of travel essentials are handy for travellers on the go. If you find yourself staying in a party hotel slap bang in the middle of Benidorm‘s strip, or maybe on a plane with a wailing child, then fear not, pop these bad boys in and you’ll be snoozing in no time.

Portable speakers

Get a party going at a moment’s notice with some portable speakers. Ideal for beach gatherings, getting ready for an evening on the town in your hotel room, or for when you’re chilling poolside. You can find fantastically compact speakers that are great quality, are easy to charge, and pack a mighty punch with advanced volume settings!

Travel towel

Don’t fancy giving up precious luggage space for an awkwardly large towel? Get yourself one of these clever travel towels that take up barely any space or weight at all. What’s more, they’ll fold right down and fit into your beach bag with ease.

Travel pillow

Holidaying can be knackering stuff – it’s such a hard life! Pack yourself an inflatable travel pillow and if you find yourself on a long haul flight, or on a particularly long coach transfer you’ll have no problem napping. They fold up pretty small too, taking up hardly any space in your luggage.

Bum bag

Sure this isn’t the most fashionable of looks but we’re talking efficiency here! Money belts are handy bags and are great for your phones, passports, and all those important things that you need handy and should really keep safe. Easy to conceal, they’re good for avoiding the wandering hands of crafty pick pockets who often see tourists as easy targets.

Portable charger

You’d be a fool not to invest in one of these! Long gone are the days of waiting to get to the hotel before you can give your mobile a boost,¬†with these nifty products you can charge on the go and get your phone to 100% in no time. Great for active, on the go holidays, they’re essential for the type of traveller who can’t be without their phone, or those who can’t resist a good photo opportunity.