8 Trending Destinations To Visit In 2024

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In the world we live in today, trends seem to be changing more and more rapidly — and this includes travel destinations too! We’ve collated some of the destinations that we think are about to become all the rage, so you can still visit them when they’re at their peak…

Catania, Sicily


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The port city of Catania is home to some spectacular architecture, all of which sits against the backdrop of Mount Etna. As one of the closest hubs to the volcano, you can get up close if you wish, via hiking trails or organised tours.

Back in the city, we recommend heading to the cathedral first then working your way out from there. You’ll find many of Catania’s finest attractions in the vicinity, including the 17th-century Palazzo Biscari and its exquisite interiors, the bustling seafood market, and the intriguing basalt Fountain of the Elephant, which is considered the emblem of the city and is said to protect it from Etna’s eruptions.

While you may need to travel a little way outside of the centre, other highlights worth seeing include the tranquil Giardini Bellini, the ancient remains of a Roman theatre, and the majestic Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena…

Why now?

This year, the city will be more abuzz than usual during the summer, as it will host the fifth edition of the World Company Sports Games, which will include 29 sports and 30 countries.

Pamukkale, Turkey

While this natural wonder is often visited on a day trip from nearby cities, there are actually plenty of hotels here, allowing for a spectacular and serene spa break. Translating to ‘cotton castle’, its main draw is the terraces of thermal pools that are made up of stark white travertine stone and filled with bubblegum blue water. The area is also home to the archaeological site of Hierapolis, as well as Cleopatra’s Antique Pool: an ethereal swimming spot that features submerged Roman Empire columns.

Why now?

As one of the country’s most mesmerising sights, it won’t be long before the terraces are teeming with tourists and influencers. To visit during a particularly quiet time, book a trip for September or October when it’s quieter and cooler but still warm enough for a dip.

Preveza, Greece

Preveza has all the perks of a Greek island — sprawling Blue Flag beaches, yacht-filled marinas and a cobblestone old town lined with tavernas — however it’s just a direct flight away from London, making it an easy hop for a shorter Mediterranean escape. Perched on the Ambracian Gulf, it’s actually home to the longest sandy beach in all of Europe: Monolithi Beach stretches for an impressive 22 kilometres.

Unsurprisingly, another of the area’s biggest draws is its gastronomy. It’s particularly well-known for its sardines, and this is celebrated with a festival dedicated to the fish each August! Another delicacy that hails from the region is avgotaraho, which is known as Greek caviar and is cured grey mullet roe. If you’re partial to an ouzo or two, then pay a visit the nostalgic Roubou ouzo distillery and shop. The company was founded in 1949 and delightfully, it doesn’t appear to have been renovated since!

Why now?

Greece was very much the destination of 2023, and we can’t imagine why its popularity would slow down anytime soon. Make the most of this laidback city before everyone else catches on!

Lucerne, Switzerland


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The city of Lucerne is like something out of a fairytale. Medieval structures huddle next to the glassy Lake Lucerne, which is the fourth largest lake in the country. It boasts some highly unusual sights, including the 14th-century covered wooden bridge that spans the Reuss River, and the architecturally marvellous climate and geology hub, the Glacier Garden — its hall of 51 mirrors was built in 1896 for the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva and has been in the Glacier Garden since 1899. There are iconic artworks to be found in The Rosengart Collection, which is housed in a former Swiss National Bank, while the peak of the nearby Mount Pilatus can be conquered via the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. To be honest though, you could have a fabulous time simply making a splash in the Seebad Luzern floating baths and frequenting the many waterside spots for spritzers, schnitzels and strudels.

Why now?

Its gastronomic scene is growing rapidly at the moment, with 32 Michelin-recommended restaurants and counting. Sample some of them while they’re still reasonably priced!

Bremen, Germany


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Bremen might be overlooked in favour of Munich or Berlin when it comes to a German city break, however there’s so much to explore in this Hanseatic city. There’s plenty of rich and enchanting history to be uncovered, from the Bremen Town Musicians of the Brothers Grimm tale to the higgledy-piggledy charm of the Schnoor Quarter. There’s an inviting waterside hub, the Schlachte Promenade, which hosts cosy markets in the winter before turning into a hotspot of beer gardens and gastronomy in the warmer months. The spaceship-esque Universum offers spectacular views across the city as well as fascinating scientific exhibits. As the coffee capital of the country too, you’ll be sufficiently fueled up on some of the finest blends to explore all of these wonderful sights.

Why now?

The Kunstverein museum of modern art is currently celebrating its 200 anniversary with a special exhibition of French masterpieces by the likes of Monet and Van Gogh.

Genoa, Italy


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Genoa is often simply used as a gateway to the Cinque Terre, however this port city has enough character for a city break here alone. From palazzos to pesto, Genoa is brimming with important Italian history. You’ll find UNESCO-protected streets lined with ornate palazzos, many of which you can explore if you wish: the Doge’s Palace is one of the most spectacular and is now a museum and cultural hub. Outside of the bustling centre, you’ll find picturesque spots where you can unwind with a spritz. The Spianato Castelletto offers views across the city’s rooftops to the ocean and can be accessed via an art nouveau lift. Meanwhile, Boccadasse is a pretty fisherman’s village with pastel-hued buildings and a rocky beach. Foodies will be delighted with the gastronomic offerings here, from the freshest of pesto to foccaccia that the locals dip in everything from their morning coffee to their evening wine.

Why now?

Genoa is still, happily, relatively unfrequented by tourists, so you can enjoy an authentic experience of this part of the Italian coast. There’s also around 40 annual  festivals, from boat shows and science festivals to poetry gatherings even a clown convention…

Tartu, Estonia 


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The good-looking city of Tartu is known for its prestigious 17th-century university, which is celebrated in one of the city’s most famous statues of two students kissing. It’s also home to the sleek Estonian National Museum, which gives visitors an insight into the country’s history, while the bohemian pockets of Karlova and Supilinn boast examples of traditional architecture as well as modern street art and cosy spots for a drink and a bite.

Why now?

Tartu is one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture and its programme of events is titled ‘The Art of Survival’. The line-up doesn’t sound quite so serious though: some of the city’s finest buildings will be opened up for the public to snoop around, there’ll be surrealism exhibitions, and even a simultaneous kissing event beneath the city’s famous Kissing Students statue.

Bodø, Norway


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As the northernmost destination on our list, Bodø can offer up ethereally beautiful sights and sprawling unspoilt landscapes, as well as a cultural buzz. Within the city, you’ll be able to wander among contemporary architecture and bold street art, then enjoy fine arctic cuisine and cocktails in sky bars. If you venture a little further out of the centre, you can hike mountains and try and catch sight of the northern lights.

Why now?

Bodø is another European Capital of Culture 2024, so the year is filled with intriguing events, including Midsummer’s Mischief, which will celebrate the endless days of summer in this part of the world, as well as Nordland by Light in November, which will be the county’s first ever light festival.