A Downtime Guide to Ibiza

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With high season on full wind down, autumn and the coming winter in Ibiza are often seen as a little unexciting. This however, couldn’t be further from the truth. With the exit of the hardcore partiers and the pulling of the drapes at the big clubs, the island’s beautiful landscape and local culture is finally given a chance to breath. Events and festivals run throughout the low season, while picturesque spots across the island become a lot less crowded. The weather also plays ball with temperatures averaging at around 16c during the day. If you need any more persuading than that, then check out these five highlights of the low season below!

Ibiza Sabor


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This delightful autumn food festival runs from mid-October until the end of November. The name of the game is to showcase the best of the island’s local cuisine and produce, with restaurants taking part in many of Ibiza’s towns and villages. This is a great excuse to embark on a bit of a food tour and try out some dishes you may not have sampled before. Sofrit Pagés, a traditional Balearic stew full of chicken, lamb, potatoes and veg, is a great place to start. The festival is also a nice way to save in the pocket, with reduced price set menus offered at many a swanky venue.

San Mateo Wine Festival


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Held in mid-December annually, this celebration of all things grape sees local farmers converge to share samples of their juicy stock. As well as home grown samples, the island’s three vineyards also have a presence at the fair, ensuring there is plenty of wine to go around for all. A massive bonus to attending this event is that it is absolutely free! So you can spend the day, and night should you prefer, sipping on locally grown wines (and pretending you can recognise the essence of the bouquet…).

Ibiza Carnival


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February sees the arrival of carnival season on the island and the sight of colourful parades gracing streets from San Antonio and Ibiza Town, to San Juan and more. Ibiza’s dance schools bring the heat with elaborate routines, while floats and costumes show off themes and colours from across the spectrum. Judges from each town ultimately crown winners but everyone taking part, spectators included, has a brilliant time. No two parades are scheduled at the same time so you can follow each one across the island, and finish off the day with a sunset beer on the beach.

Explore Dalt Vila


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You wouldn’t think it from the main drag in San Antonio but Ibiza is steeped in history, with records of settlers and conquerors on the island dating back to 400 BC. The island is also home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, with a major one to be found in Dalt Vila, the fortified old town. The defensive walls that encircle the town gained World Heritage status in 1999. As well as the walls themselves, the narrow alleyways and beautiful medieval architecture that dominates the old town make for a great discovery.

Boogie Like A Local


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Amnesia may be closed but that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to go for a fruity cocktail and some major shape throwing. B12 still hosts monthly events throughout the autumn and winter, while Pacha keeps the fire alive and opens every Friday and Saturday night. For something a little more low key, Anita’s Bar in Sant Carles makes for a lovely evening, or Malanga Cafe in Ibiza Town, its intimate size and great music selection always guarantees a good night.


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