Acharavi: A Tale of Two Sides

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Acharavi, on the north coast of Corfu, is a beach-side resort with two very different sides. On one hand there are the lively bars, watersports and souvenir shops that we have come to associate with seaside holidays. However, if you veer away from the beaten track, there are rugged natural scenes to explore and festivals which make the most of the surroundings.


The Nightlife

Nightclubs and Bars

Acharavi’s nightlife is impressive in its offerings – it seems like no matter what you’re looking for, the resort has the drinking solution for you. There are glamorous beach-side bars like Maistro, where you can sip cocktails overlooking sparkling seas. The bar offers fresh seafood and delicious cocktails in glamorous surrounds. At the other end of the spectrum there are pared back offerings which make the most out of their seafront location.

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The Arillas Wine Festival

Just a short drive away from Acharavi sits the sleepy village of Arillas. Every September, the village becomes full of holidaymakers looking to sample the local wine during the Arillas Wine Festival. The festival showcases the traditional methods of producing wine, and you can expect plenty of grape stomping! All you need to do is pay a small fee (of around ‎€3) for a carafe which you can fill up with wine as often as you like. Alongside the ludicrously cheap wine, there’s dancing and music ensuring a memorable experience.

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Sporting Activities


Down on the seafront, all looks idyllic. Golden sands slope gently into shallow crystalline waters while families frolic on the shoreline. However, this doesn’t prevent adrenaline junkies from indulging in activities that get their hearts racing. Doughnut rides and parasailing are popular, but those of you looking to try your hand at a new skill can go water-skiing and windsurfing. While you’re at it, you can try and convince your friends or family to take lots of photos of you so you can make everyone back at home green with envy.

picture of someone windsurfing

Mountain Biking

Bike lovers rejoice – Acharavi is home to some great cycling opportunities. S-Bikes offer self-guided cycle tours, as well as straight forward bike hire and longer guided tours, meaning that there are options for every level of cyclist. The rugged natural beauty of Corfu provides a gorgeous backdrop and makes even the most trying of bike rides enjoyable. You can expect to cycle alongside steep cliffs which plunge into blue seas, olive-tree clad forests and ancient villages like Old Perithia. For those looking to escape the crowds, mountain biking might just hold the key.

picture of a mountain bike

The Beach

Acharavi’s beach stretches out in a swathe of golden sands for three kilometres, meaning that there is plenty of space for relaxation. The water is incredibly shallow, so it’s a great spot for families looking to holiday with young children. There are restaurants and shops nearby, and watersports on offer to tempt lackadaisical teens into the water. However, just a short walk along the beach will take you to an area of beach which is less developed and where natural beauty is left to reign. This beach is favoured by nudists who want to enjoy the sunshine in relative privacy.

picture of the beach is Acharavi

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