Our Top Five Adventure Holidays!

So you might not really be the adventure travel type. Perhaps you’d much rather be floating around in a tranquil sea in Barbados than sweating your way over a mountain, and that’s fine by us; far be it from us to judge a day spent with a good book and a whole lot of not much else! But for those who are looking for a side of adrenaline with their plane ticket, here are our top five holidays for the adventurous soul!

Hiking through the Amazon Jungle

Image by jonrawlinson

Imagine waking up in the morning to spend the day trudging through the dense foliage of the Amazon, an afternoon of fascinating wildlife and primitive tribes stretching before you. For the fainthearted or insect phobic this is not – but for those with an adventurous spirit, there are treasures untold to be discovered in this huge, ancient forest of natural wonders…

White-water Rafting – New Zealand

Image by Jurvetson

Adventure travellers flock to New Zealand like hipsters to New York’s Williamsburg. Queenstown is especially popular for white water rafting – from the Kawarau River (beginners welcome) to the frankly terrifying Shotover River, if you’re sure that your time on this earth will not be complete without tasting all sides of a wet rubber dinghy, this is the place to come.

Mountain Trekking in Nepal

Image by ilkerender

Yep, more trekking, this time in Nepal – the go-to natural playground for adventurous types to enjoy a spot of climbing. The Himalayas are home to lots of differet routes but the most popular is the Annapurna Base Camp Trail. It’s not easy, but you’ll return home with a sense of accomplishment that surely beats feeling rather smug about your outrageous tan. Although that’s pretty good too.

Rock Climbing – Jordan

Image by mariachily

The endless desert of Wadi Rum with its fascinating rock formations and vast, eerie wilderness – is very popular with rock climbing aficionados.  Whether you tackle the long and tough Towering Inferno or just decide to enjoy a more simple camping trip with the Bedouins, you’ll come away with a heady piece of the deserts soul. We reckon.

Scuba Diving in Australia

Image laszlo-photo

You’ll find the worlds biggest coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, and with that, a Whole Lotta Fish. From schools of reef sharks, green turtles and enormous barracudas, it’s a veritable treasure chest of marine life down there, and for that reason, this dive haven is very much a pilgrimage for scuba enthusiasts.

Which adventure would you like to try most?!