Are We There Yet?

Whether you travel by car, bus, plane, train or ferry, chances are that unless you’ve got the budget to go first class, the journey there might just make you regret taking a holiday altogether, especially in peak season. Freak volcano dust clouds, train delays and motorway tailbacks have been ruining our holiday spirit for years and relaxation can seem a million miles away. And if you have kids in tow too, ooh forget it!

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by frames-of-mind

This year we’re trying to preach our new Zen travel mantra of “we’ll get there when we get there”. Now it may sound easy to say right now but when the heat of the tarmac hits you, you littlest one won’t shut up about yet another toilet stop, or your flight is delayed another hour you’ll need some extra ways to keep zen.

Playing Cards
by ccarlstead

We know it’s boring to plan, but a great way to stay occupied is to make sure you have plenty of activities for you and everyone else to do. Music, books, playing cards, and laptops if you’re taking them with you can all fill the gap so take more than one for plenty of choices. If you think there will be a little bit of space something that lets you get a bit active is great for calming down too, although make sure you don’t take anything that might annoy fellow travellers, like bopit.
by roblisameehan

Having plenty of healthy snacks will help keep you on track too. You can avoid the blood sugar spikes (and the cost) that come with the unhealthy things we grab on the go which will help you stay calm and cool and fruits and vegetables contain lots of water to keep you hydrated too. Drinking plenty of water is great too if you are within easy access of a toilet but can just add to the hassles if not!

Fathers Day 2009 Sunrise on Miami Beach
by lonnypaul

It’s all too easy to forget why we’re travelling in the midst of transport hell so keep reminding yourself that there is a point to all this! Try to avoid being anxious that you’re missing out though, most holiday destinations haven’t changed much in the last decades and are unlikely to do so whilst you’re en route.
by garycycles

When you finally get there, put all thoughts of the return leg out of your head. It’s tempting to fret and worry about how long it’s going to take to get home but in most cases it’s out of your hands so trust your luck and get on with enjoying your well-earned relaxation time.

top image by Oran Viriyincy