New Balls Please

With Wimbledon nearing its conclusion, we thought we’d have a look at some of the most amazing places you could play tennis. Admittedly, I think that the best place ever would be wherever Roger Federer is playing, but failing that these are the best of the rest. Not sure getting on some of them will be much easier though!

centre court

by saragoldsmith

Wimbledon’s Centre Court is an icon for tennis as it should be, with players wearing white and advertising banned from the courtside. Wimbledon celebrates its 125th year this year and now the roof is on I wouldn’t expect it to change much in the next 125. Centre Court is so precious that the top players aren’t even allowed to practise on it before or during the championships!

by No Lands Too Foreign

Here in Braşov in Romania they have hit on a cunning plan, to keep their tennis court iced over in the winter and to use it as an ice skating rink! You can’t fault the execution and I expect it’s a little too cold to be playing such a summer sport throughout the winter when visitors from near and far are more interested in the ski resort.

The pope plays tennis too

by keepwaddling1

As if we couldn’t find a more elite court than at Wimbledon we might have just topped it. This is the tennis court in the Vatican City! Since only the Pope, his cardinals and a select few others have access to the inner space here at the Vatican we can’t imagine it gets much use, although it would be amazing to see the Pope’s topspin.


by Brett Jordan

Last but certainly not least, this court high up in the air at the Burj al Arab in Dubai must be the most terrifying place to play you could possibly think of! It doesn’t even seem to have a fence around it so you’re going to have to be pretty handy with the racket to make sure you don’t lose all your balls within the first few rallies!

top image by dcJohn