Bargainous Prague

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Prague has received a bit of stick over the last few years with people claiming that it’s not as cheap as it once was. There’s some truth to it, but it’s also fair to say Prague‘s is still pretty darned cheap – and a whole lot cheaper than most cities in the UK. Here we bring you some top tips on how to make the most of a bargainous trip to Prague.

Get the Drinks In

When you’re used to nights out in England, Prague can look very very cheap – cocktails often come in under £5 and you can grab a pint for less than £1. For the coolest of nights out head to T.Anker whose rooftop bar sits atop a former communist shopping centre with sprawling views across the city. A caipirinha here will set you back just over £3.10 so it’s pretty bargainous too! Alternatively, head to U Kurelů where the mood is casual and a beer costs around 70p.

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Eat Out

Eating out in this pretty city is even more shockingly cheap than drinking so make the most of it and sample the delights that Prague has to offer. Prague has a great foodie scene, from hearty Czech cuisine to interesting vegetarian combinations. For lunch, try out Hamburk Lokal where a hearty sausage goulash will cost little more than £3. If you’re feeling really flash, head to Hergetova Cihelna where you can eat a five-course tasting menu with views out over the river for little more than £30.

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Take a Walking Tour

Walking tours are a great way to see a city, they give you an insight in to the history behind the pretty buildings and looming cathedrals that you pass. There are a number of these tours in Prague which are entirely free (but encourage a tip). Discover Prague offer the Royal Walk Tour six times a day – this tour is two and a half hours long and takes you through the city taking in the Jewish Quarter, some of the city’s most famous sights and also through the newer areas too.

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Check Out The Museums

Prague’s museums celebrate all aspects of the city’s existence, and they are as varied as they are informative. You do have to pay entry, but none charge more than £10 and those on offer are well worth several hours perusing them. There is the intimate Communist Museum which houses artefacts and propaganda from that time, alongside an exhibition which details how life is for civilians in North Korea now.

Alternatively, there is the museum dedicated to the works of Franz Kafka or the grand National Gallery which sits in a building which is impressive in itself. For those looking for something a bit sillier, the Sex Machine Museum should satiate your curiosities.

picture of Prague's national gallery

Go Sightseeing

Some of Prague’s most famous sights are free to enjoy: you can stroll hand in hand over Charles Bridge with a loved one, go window shopping on the Old Town square or gaze up in awe at the astronomical clock. The city itself is gorgeous and just wandering around it is a feast for your eyes. There are pastel coloured town houses, vibrant terracotta rooftops and a picturesque riverside so pack your comfiest shoes and be prepared to stroll around a very pretty city.

picture of the Prague astronomical clock

Brush Up On Your Culture At The Ballet

The ballet and the opera can be enjoyed no matter where in the world you are – language is not a barrier here. Tickets to the ballet at the National Theatre can cost as little as £7, if you look carefully and choose the cheapest seats, which is not bad for an evening of culture in beautiful surroundings! If you get a rainy evening, this is a great way to while away the hours.

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