Best Cities for Street Art

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Beautiful cities and creativity tend to go hand in hand, but what was once deemed the ugly side of cities; their graffiti covered walls, has developed into a big draw for art lovers of all kinds. There are destinations all over the world exhibiting some very creative artworks that are open to everyone, and street art tours are becoming the norm to make sure you see the best pieces. So, if like us, you’re mighty impressed by this movement and fancy combining it with your love of travel then check out these cities that contain some pretty impressive doodles…


Melbourne is renowned for being one of the top cities for in the world for street art. With a vast range of anonymous artists popping up across the cityscape, urban spaces now showcase an array of art forms including stencils, paste-ups and murals.

Prague – Lennon Wall

A plain old brick wall until the 1980’s, this famous structure is constantly evolving. Once a shrine to all things John Lennon and the Beatles, the wall now represents youth ideals about peace and love and is definitely worth a gander during a break in Prague.

London – Banksy

Taking Britain by storm, the pseudonymous artist ‘Bansky’ has managed to remain anonymous despite his incredible fame. A leader in the political street art movement, he has thought-provoking artwork across London. Bansky’s fame even led to a one of his pieces being gouged out of a wall in North London and flown to Miami to be sold for an extortionate price.


Before the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the German border was used as a canvas by artists ridiculing its existence with cartoons, some of which can now be found in the East Side Gallery. Since then, political street art has appeared all across the city. International companies have also picked up on the trend – much to the dismay of some artists, with street art ‘adverts’ spreading like wildfire.

Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires it’s legal for artists to tag any building as long as the owner consents. This has resulted in an abundance of street art throughout the capital, ranging from cultural cartoons and football inspired designs to strong political commentary.