Bizarre Hotel of the Month- Feb 2011

Utterly bonkers, utterly tiny, utterly, well…bizarre – it’s Utter Inn of Sweden!

The Utter Inn (pronounced Otter) was created by Mikael Genberg, a Swedish Sculptor and artist, and is a ‘mixture of contemporary art and accommodation’. Situated on Lake Malaren in Sweden, the sleeping area of accommodation is the bottom section and is completely underwater when on the lake, whilst the living quarters are above water in the style of a small ‘floating shack’!

Guests are taken out in an inflatable boat to a small red house and then left alone to plunder the depths of the water where they will spend the night. The bottom of the ‘hotel’ that resides underneath the surface has glass windows so guests can watch the lakes fishy inhabitants swimming by.

The hotel on dry land:

At 1km out into the lake, you can be assured of privacy should that be your desire, and you can expect to pay £150-£250 a night for the privilege. Creature comforts are sparse (think twin beds and a table) but what you’re really paying for is the sheer novelty of staying in a strange concrete and glass tank under the water!

If guests would like a real departure from everyday life, someone can deliver dinner by boat in the evening. Nice!