Bizarre Hotel of the Month: Treetop Hideouts

If the weather getting colder and the nights closing in is making you want to hibernate, then check out this Treehotel! Featuring five rooms up in the treetops you can enjoy a stunningly beautiful natural getaway in the Harads Forest in northern Sweden.

There are 24 rooms planned for this forest hotel complex, but only the first five have been built at the moment, all individually designed by Swedish architects. All boast views over Lake Lule and are four to six metres off the ground!

You can choose your room to suit you – there’s a UFO-inspired one, a traditional log cabin and a bird’s nest, but it’s the beautifully simple Mirrorcube that’s caught my eye! There’s also a treetop sauna to relax in after a day out communing with nature.

There’s so much to do in the area, but I don’t think I’d be able to tear my eyes away from these stunning creations! At 5600 Swedish Krona for two people for two nights (about £530) including breakfast and one dinner, plus sauna use it’s not cheap but it’s a pretty great price for some real natural hibernation!
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All images from the Tree Hotel