Blast off with Breakfast

Every morning at DMC HQ, the mini kitchen is full of people preparing breakfast. Pots of porridge in the microwave, slices of toast being slathered in peanut butter and jam, endless cups of tea and coffee not to mention huge vessels of rice krispies snap-crackle-and-popping from all corners of the office.

Breakfast is heralded as the most important meal of the day; providing us with essential nourishment, breaking the fast that we have endured as we slept. When we wake, blood sugar levels are low and therefore breakfast choices require careful consideration so as not to send us on a perpetuating blood sugar rollercoaster throughout the day.

Cereal is the most common breakfast choice here in the UK. Unfortunately most of the family favourites are high in sugar therefore not supporting blood sugar levels and giving rise to mid morning slumps/reaching for caffeine or more sugar to keep us going. The key to feeling full between breakfast and lunch is to combine carbohydrate and protein. That translates as an egg on toast or cereal with nuts, yoghurt and seeds. I thought I would explore what other marvels are munched in the morning around the world.

Japanese breakfast: Photo by Thai Pham

Blood sugar balancers:

North Africa (Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia) serve leavened bread accompanied with fish, eggs, beans even falafel in pitta.
Chinese breakfasts consist of rice or noodles with vegetables, meat or fish. Dim Sum is also served although steamed dumplings are the better option compared to the fried. Another national favourite is Congee or soy bean milk soup, low in fat and high in protein.
Japanese breakfasts are built upon miso soup or natto which looks quite unappealing but is high in probiotic bacteria and therefore supports your immune system and digestive health.
Irish oatmeal with berries, just like porridge oats this breakfast choice would fill you up til lunchtime.
Mexican eggs, a great source of protein are often accompanied by chillis, peppers or re fried beans, not to mention delicious fresh fruits from the nation, mangos, papaya, watermelon, guava and strawberries.
Congee – Chinese breakfast: Photo by Puck777

Blood sugar rockers:

West Africa you will find beignets – fried dough/pastries, frequently dipped in sugary syrup
– The Chinese also have a penchant for Deep Fried Devils: strips of dough that have been deep fried…
-The Irish are well known for being breakfast lovers and their colossal ‘Irish Breakfast’ is testament to that! It includes a large plate of bacon, sausage, black pudding, white pudding , beans, soda bread and a boxty (hash brown)
Mexicans adore chocolate; the Aztecs considered it so important that they used it as a currency! Chocolate drinks are popular for breakfast and may also include egg yolks, cream, corn dough, sugar and cinnamon, also accompanied by a sweet sugary pastries to dip in. Sugar overload!

Irish Breakfast: Photo by adactio

Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day so choose your world breakfast inspiration wisely to keep you filled up ’til lunch!

Top image by dichohecho