See More With Car Hire

We think that in many locations, hiring a car can add an extra dimension to your holiday. It gives you freedom to see much more of the area, plus you don’t have to wait around for those pesky transfers or lug your bags onto the public transport. And we’ve been spotting some teeny tiny prices as well.

Book Ahead

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It’s best to book in advance if you want to make the most of tiny online prices. Check out pick-ups from both your arrival airport and the city centre too, as it might just be worth shelling out for a taxi for a better deal. You get more of a choice too so you can make sure you and your travelling companions will be travelling in comfort and style. Ahem, we might mention that dealchecker can help you with the checking car prices bit.

Plan Your Driving

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Aside from remembering to always drive on the correct side of the road, don’t expect your satnav to work, or for there to be a map in the car. You can usually book satnav as an added extra these days, so check it out when you’re making your booking. If you prefer to navigate without electronic aids then petrol stations are your best bet for buying a map on the fly – but taking one with you is even better. Plus you get to peruse it and plan your trips!

Don’t Be Too Adventurous

by Chi King

It’s easy to get carried away with the thoughts of all the things you can do with car hire on holiday, but try to be realistic. Holidays are about enjoying yourself so avoid peak travelling hours, and make sure there’s plenty of space on the itinerary for stopping at that beautiful beach you just spotted or taking the time to enjoy lunch in that small village.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

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Make sure you’ve taken out the right insurance for your trip – most car hire desks can sort this out for you but it can be expensive if you arrange it last minute. And if you need glasses to drive make sure you take a spare pair! You don’t want to get stuck not being able to see!

Treat Yourself

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At the opposite end of the car hire scale from the budget deals is luxury car hire. Why not treat yourself to your dream car! You won’t even mind if you don’t particularly fancy seeing yet another ruin or visiting another market when you’re behind the wheel of your fantasy machine.

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